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Sea of Stars: Relics Explained – Costs, Locations, & Their Uses

Relics are important items that can help craft your experience in Sea of Stars, and this guide details how to get them and what they do.

Relics are one of the more unique items in Sea of Stars, as they can have the biggest impact on your experience in the game with how challenging or relaxed your playthrough will be. There are multiple different Relics to find, and they all offer wildly diverse effects you can mix and match to create a unique experience for yourself.

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To help you find these items, we’ve put together this guide with all the details on Relics in Sea of Stars, including their locations, effects, and what they cost.

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What are Relics in Sea of Stars?

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Relics are items players can purchase in Sea of Stars that affect certain aspects of the game, allowing players to tailor their experience to their liking. These items are found in stores and from merchants around the world, and all have various effects that can be toggled on and off at the player’s discretion.

These can include altering certain mechanics, like blocking, changing the value of gold or EXP earned, or creating a more challenging or relaxing gameplay experience. To use these, you will need to purchase them from merchants.

All Relics in Sea of Stars

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Below we have listed all of the Relics we have currently found in Sea of Stars, including their abilities, costs, and where they can be purchased.

Relic NameDescriptionLocationCost/Unlock ConditionImage
Amulet of StorytellingIncreases your party member’s health by 100% and auto heals your party after combat.Given to the player by the Headmaster of Zenith Academy in the introduction to the game.FreeSea_of_Stars_Amulet_Of_Storytelling
Sequent FlareShoot a small star from your active party member when they hit a timed block/attack, providing more visual confirmation.Given to the player by the Headmaster of Zenith Academy in the introduction to the game.FreeSea_of_Stars_Sequent_Flare
Adamant ShardEnsure double hits on regular attacks, but reduces bonus damage they grant by 50%.Found in the Weapon and Armor Merchants in the world.15GSea_of_Stars_Adamant_Shard
Sixth SenseAdd a 35% chance of automatically getting timed blocks, giving a bit more wiggle room for those who struggle with this mechanic.Found in the Weapon and Armor Merchants in the world.15GSea_of_Stars_Sixth_Sense
Truestrike PendantRemoves the 20% resistance enemies gain while casting.Found in the Weapon and Armor Merchants in the world.45GSea_of_Stars_Truthstrike_Pendant
Guardian AuraDecreases the damage you take by 30%.Found in the Weapon and Armor Merchants in the world.15GSea_of_Stars_Guardian_Aura
Double EdgeIncreases enemy defense while casting, and decreases their defense when they are not casting.Found in the Brisk Secret Store150GSea_of_Stars_Double_Edge
Dubious DareIncreases the damage you take by 40%.Found in the Brisk Secret Store150GSea_of_Stars_Dubious_Dare
Tome of KnowledgeIncreases the EXP gained by 20%.Found in the Brisk Secret Store150GSea_of_Stars_Tome_of_Knowledge
Gold ToothReduces the cost of goods in stores by 10%Found in the Town of Lucent Store.225GSea_of_Stars_Gold_Tooth
Mithreel RodFish Stamina will deplete faster, making them easier to catch.Found in the fishing shop in Mirth, once you have the building plans and the fisherman moved there.Reward for catching 4 fish speciesSea_of_Star_Mithreel_Rod
Stereofilament LineFishing line has more health, taking longer to break.Found in the fishing shop in Mirth, once you have the building plans and the fisherman moved there.Reward for catching 7 fish speciesSea_of_Star_Stereofilament_Line
Bearing RodFaster reeling speed on your rod so you can pull fishing in quicker.Found in the fishing shop in Mirth, once you have the building plans and the fisherman moved there.Reward for catching 14 fish speciesSea_of_Stars_Bearing_Rod_Relic
Sailent SailsShip sailing speed is increased by 20%.Found in the merchant shop in Mirth, once you have the building plans and the Merchant moved there.135GSea_of_Star_Sailent_Sails
Falcon-eyed ParrotAdds a parrot to the Vespertine that loves treasure. Can be prompted while checking the map to offer hints of what treasures are left to find and where.Given by Mirna in Lake Docarria Village.Collect 27 Rainbow ConchesSea_of_Stars_Falcon_eyed_Parrot_Relic
Artful GambitReduce your health by HP -95%. Enemies are invincible while casting, and Timed Blocks reduce damage to 1. Timed hits deal bonus damage x2. Aimed to make the game a real challenge. Carries over to New Game +.Found during The Queen That Was Side quest for Serai.N/ASea_of_Stars_Artful_Gambit
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While it is up to you which Relics you want to use, there are a few we recommend you get and use as soon as you can to help in your playthrough.

For one, getting both the Gold Tooth and Tome of Knowledge should be top priorities, as the extra gold and EXP will both be a major help in the game, since some of the best items and collectibles require some money, and leveling up will make you stronger, so combat will be an easier endeavor.

Additionally, Sailent Sails and Falcon-eyed Parrot are good choices, since with the former, you can get around the map faster while on the vespertine, and with the latter, finding chests of collectibles you might have missed is so much easier, and perfect if you want to get achievements and go for a 100% playthrough. However, you could also check out other guides too for some extra help.

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Lastly, if you struggle with the timing for blocks and specific attacks, using the Sequent Flare can make it a lot easier to see and learn the correct timing thanks to its obvious feedback of a rainbow-colored firework. I used this for my whole playthrough, and it made learning character’s attack timings and seeing when I was getting them right much easier, and in turn, I got more effective a lot quicker.

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