Sea of Thieves Skeleton Fort Guide: How to Capture Strongholds


Skeleton Forts are some of the toughest quests in the Sea of Thieves.

When a Skeleton Fort spawns in the world, a bounty fit for a king spawns alongside it. This treasure, however, is not easy to get because of a bunch of monsters that await you if you set sail for these terrifying locations.

These dangers should never be fought alone. It’s best to have a crew of at least three people with you should you due to the amount of task required to succeed. Teamwork is also essential, so make sure your with a team of individuals that you know and trust.

Should you succeed on this perilous quest, you’ll need all the hands you can to grab the large amount of treasure inside and get out safely.

Finding a Fort

You’ll know when a Skeleton Fort raid is happening when you notice a large skull in the air with glowing green eyes. Sail towards it, and you’ll come across an island that has been taken over by Skeleton enemies.

These raids are incredibly tough as every other player in the world will see them when they appear. This means that you not only have to contend with all of the Skeleton enemies on the fort, you will also have to deal with other crews that are after the same prize.

While sailing, it is possible that the raid will be completed by another player before you get there. You’ll know this when the eyes flash red for a moment before dispersing. There is no need to fret, however, you can still head towards the location to try and cut off the pirates that succeeded and steal their loot.

What to do when you arrive at a fort

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When arriving at a Fort, make sure that someone remains on the ship. Skeletons on the fort will immediately try to blast you out of the sea with cannons so prepare to evade them at a moment’s notice.

As for the crew that jumped off, you’ll want to try and find the Skeleton Captain. He will be noticeable in the swarm of skeletons because of the large captain hat on his head. Your objective is to kill the captain, take his key, open the door, and take all the treasure inside.

Be sure to act quick, however. Once he is down, powerful enemies will spawn to try to stop you from taking the treasure. There’s no telling what type of enemy will spawn in these raids, so be sure to use our handy guide on how to kill each type of creature.

Be sure to also kill all of the skeletons manning the cannons on the island to allow your ally on the ship to park up somewhere nearby. That will help if you need to make a quick getaway from the island. There is always a chance of an opposing crew appearing in the distance, so always be on the lookout for enemy pirates.

The escape

After getting the treasure back to your ship, you won’t be out of danger yet.

Quickly sail to a nearby outpost to sell your treasure before enemy players catch up and steal the loot from you.

Only celebrate once you have actually sold all of the treasure. Until then, always be cautious.