The best rewards in Apex Legends Season 5 premium Battle Pass

Is the premium pass worth it? We’re here to help you decide.

Battle Pass Season 5 Fortune's Favor

With each new season of Apex Legends, there comes a new battle pass. In season 5: Fortune’s Favor, along with the usual XP boosts, 1000 premium currency, and 1200 crafting metals, there are quite a few awesome rewards for those willing to put some premium currency down on a new season. But is it worth it?

We handpicked out the best of the best, so you don’t have to. Let’s take a look.

Apex Packs

Apex Packs
Assets via Respawn

While the free battle pass gives you seven Apex Packs already (all rare in value), the premium pass will give you access to an additional seven more. Five more rare packs, one epic pack, and one legendary pack. This will provide you with 14 packs in total for completing the battle pass.

Legend Skins

The thing everyone is after is new character skins. There are definitely some badass new skins, and three of them, you get right of the bat. The legendary ones come later, but that Bangalore skin is sure worth it.

Silver Spectre (Rare Wraith Skin)

Silver Spectre Wraith
Screengrab via Respawn

Gilded Claw (Rare Bloodhound Skin)

Gilded Claw Bloodhound
Screengrab via Respawn

Death Etching (Rare Revenant Skin)

Death Etching Revenant
Screengrab via Respawn

Fool’s Gold (Legendary Mirage Skin)

Fool's Gold Mirage
Screengrab via Respawn

Sky Marshall (Legendary Bangalore Skin)

Sky Marshal Bangalore
Screengrab via Respawn

Loadout Rewards

This premium pass also offers a selection of new weapon skins and charms. This is the best of the new weapon skins and all of the season 5 charms.

Weapon Charms

Weapon Charms
Assets via Respawn
  • Trusty Whip
  • Explorer’s Hat
  • Frost Bite

Best Weapon Skins

Weapon Skins
Assets via Respawn
  • Retrofitted Hemlok (Legendary)
  • Bad Mojo Spitfire (Epic)
  • Precision Caliber Wingman (Legendary)
  • Attention to Detail Wingman (Legendary)

Best of the Rest

There are also a few other rewards that stand out as pretty epic cosmetics, even if they aren’t as sought out for as the other categories are.

Banner Frames and Emotes
Assets via Respawn
  • Expedition (Crypto Banner Frame)
  • Intergalactic (Wraith Banner Frame)
  • Side Saddle (Loba Emote)
  • Private Dancer (Mirage Emote)
  • Loba (Music Pack, not pictured)

Did your favorite legend or gun get a new skin? Is there a reward that makes this an offer you can’t refuse? Or would you rather wait for Season 6? The choice is yours.