Sekiro: Axeblade Location Guide

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The Axe blade is the mascot tool used by the main character in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and you have the opportunity to acquire it fairly early on. Getting it takes a bit of processing and making sure you have your eyes open.

To find it, first, you need to make sure you’ve already acquired the Young Lord’s Bell Charm. After you have that, you should locate the tool with its help advancing to a particular area.

Axe Blade Prosthetic

Young Lord’s Bell Charm

The Axe Blade prosthetic is the perfect tool to destroy an enemy’s posture, along with obliterating wooden shields. Otherwise, foes holding wooden shields are a difficult obstacle. To begin your journey to find the axe, you need first to acquire the Young Lord’s Bell Charm, which we created a guide for you to use. Follow those steps, and you’ll enter Hirata Estate.

Finding the Axe Blade

Axe Blade Prayer Hut

After you’ve arrived at the Hirata Estate, it’s a matter of continuing forward. You’re going to deal with plenty of little minions. However, you do not have to fight any bosses or difficult foes to locate this helpful tool.

Continue through the Hirata estate. The best starting point is the second Sculptor’s Idol, which is right before the gate. You’ll have fours guards in front of you: one carrying a torch, a swordsman, an archer, and then another archer a little further down. Kill them, and proceed through the large gate. You should see a small cart in front of the entrance. Continue little ways forward, and go through the first hole in the wall, on your right.

You’ll find a pair of foes you can eavesdrop on if you haven’t already. Listen to their conversation, and then take them out. After you’ve dispatched them, you may have to deal with a handful of other foes who wander over if you do not take out the one carrying the torch first. If no one comes to your location, open up the small hut they were standing outside. You’ll find the axe blade prosthetic inside. Take this to the Sculptor at his workshop, and he’ll add it to your arsenal, giving you the ability to destroy enemy postures and eliminate tough shield enemies.