Sekiro: How To Find the Divine Realm and Fountainhead Palace

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a story about a Shinobi’s promise to their Lord, and how keeping that promise sometimes means honoring the code of choice. To those who are still venturing through the game, it’s advised you do not read any further, as this details several things about the last half of the game. However, if you’re ready to learn what you need to do next to enter the next portion of the game, keep reading, and we’ll detail the steps you need to take.

Entering the Divine Realm and Accessing Fountainhead Palace

Speak to Owl

You’ll know you’ve gotten to the end of the game once you encounter the Corrupted Monk boss in Mibu Village. Are you having a little difficulty with them? We posted a guide you can follow to make the fact significantly easier.

After you defeat the Monk, proceed into the tomb he was guarding and acquire the Shelter Stone, which Sekiro needs to help sever Lord Kuno’s immortality. Once you have the stone and return to the nearest Idol, you’ll want to return to Ashina Palace. However, you’ll see that you can no longer use any of the Sculptor Idols connected to the palace. The closest one you can use is the one at the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance, and you’ll have to make your way to the castle from there.

You’ll encounter a handful of familiar enemies, but you’re also going to find plenty of purple Shinobi who are now raiding the palace. They’re a tough fight, but you’ll need to run through them and make it to the top of the castle, much like you did when you had first to find Genichio Ashina. There, you’ll discover Owl.

At the top, you’re going to find Owl and Lord Kuro speaking to one another. He claims he’s there to protect Lord Kuro. However, Owl and Sekiro speak, they come to realize Owl wishes to keep Lord Kuro protected and to use the Dragon Heir for himself, similar to Genichio. Sekiro has a choice: to obey the Iron Code and not allow Lord Kuro to remove his immortality, or to disobey it and continue with Lord Kuro’s plans. To make your way to the Divine Realm, you must violate the Iron Code.

Fighting Owl

Because Sekiro disobeys the Iron Code, he and Owl have to fight. It’s an epic battle to prove who is indeed the better Shinobi: the elderly parent, or the young Wolf who defies his family’s choices.

If you have any difficulty fighting Owl, we crafted a guide for you to follow to make the fight easier. You want to deflect as many of Owl’s attacks as possible, break his posture during the first portion of the battle, and then focus on downing his health during the second because during the latter part he can now heal his stance. Also, when he jumps in the air, he tosses out acid. It’s a nasty fight, so take your time.

After you’ve defeated Owl, return to Lord Kuro below and speak to him. You’ll inform him you found the final ingredient for the incense on Owl. You’ll need to talk to Kuro several times before you can leave. Once you’ve finished speaking to him, use the room’s Sculptor Idol to travel to the Weeding Cave Door in the Ashina Depths. There, you’ll proceed inside once more and instead of going to the altar, you want to go into the small structure. There, you’ll have a button prompt come up, asking you to pray.

You’re going to enter a quick cutscene, which transports Sekiro the Divine Realm. Go down the large piece of rope hanging in the air, and you’ll arrive at the area’s first Sculptor Idol, and you’ll now have a quick transport back and forth from the Fountainhead Palace.

Now, you’re at the end of the game. However, proceeding inside is no easy task. On the bridge, you’ll face off with another Corrupted Monk, who is far stronger the first one you fought.