Sekiro – How To Increase The FOV

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It is a knock against Sekiro that you cannot alter the FOV in any of the menus. Whilst I am loving the time I spend in the game, I do find the FOV is just too narrow for my liking. Thankfully, as with many problems in games, a modder is here to save the day for all of us.

How To Increase FOV In Sekiro

Sekiro FOV

Modder “jackfuste” has posted a FOV mod for Sekiro over on the WSGF forums. The mod takes the form of a trainer, so it is easy to use. First, follow the link and download the file provided. Use a program like WinZip or WinRar to open the file, and drag the two files in it to your desktop. Start Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and then run the Sekiro_FOV executable from the Zip file. A small window will open that shows you the keys that affect the FOV in the game.

  • F5 – will increase FOV
  • F6 – will decrease FOV
  • F7 – will return to the default FOV

This way you can set the FOV to something that you are more comfortable with. From having used it for a short time, it has not had any negative impact on the game’s performance. As you can see, I used the game’s default FOV in the header picture, then retook the same picture with a wider FOV using the mod. You should easily be able to find a FOV setting that suits your needs.

That’s it; you can now change the game’s FOV to suit you. A big thanks to jackfuste for coming up with a simple solution to something that had been an issue for many PC users.