When Can You Preload and Play Sekiro?

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice launches this Friday, and those who preordered the game have the opportunity to download the game before that so they can start playing it as soon as possible. When is the earliest time you can start the download and have the game ready to go? We have that information for you, below.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Preload Times

For those who pre-order, Sekiro for their console, an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4, the download is already available. If you haven’t already, jump onto your chosen hardware, fire up the store, and you should find it in your hardware’s library. You should start downloading now, to ensure you’re ready for this Friday. For PlayStation 4 players, you can expect to download to hover around 12GB to 16GB.

PC players, unfortunately, had to wait a little bit longer. The game is available on Steam, and as of this morning, you can now preload Sekiro to your PC. For PC players, you should expect to have 25GB download.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Launch Times

The most important question: when can you play the game and begin your journey with Sekiro?

The official date Sekiro launches on is March 22. Players can expect the title to become available for them to play on midnight of that date. If you want to stay up late or plan to take the Friday off to enjoy it, you better call in sick now.

However, the game may launch at midnight Eastern time, allowing Pacific time owners to play at 9 pm on Thursday, March 21. Unfortunately, From Software has not shared any exact details, so fans may want to have their game open Thursday night to see if they get the chance to jump in a little bit earlier.