What Version of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Should You Buy?

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the next game coming from From Software, the developers who created the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne. Much like their other projects, Sekiro is going to have intense combat, but there are new twists in this game. Unlike Dark Souls and Bloodborne, players cannot change Sekiro’s stats, class, or appearance. Also, Sekiro will have a grappling hook so he can propel himself around the game map and use his height advantage to take out foes using stealth.

Are you still interested? Here’s how you can reserve your copy so you can play on the first day and dive into the From Software’s new game.

The Standard Edition

The standard edition pre-order is perfect for players who want to receive their game on the first and play it immediately. There are pre-order bonuses, but we’ll run through those at the end. You can pre-order Sekiro for $59.99.

The Standard Steelbook Edition

With this edition, players are going to receive a unique steelbook case to house their copy of Sekiro. The best part? It doesn’t cost any more than the standard edition does. The only catch is you have to pre-order this copy from Amazon, and it’s a physical copy.

The Collector’s Edition

Sekiro Collector's Edition

The Sekiro Collector’s Edition comes with plenty of enticing bonuses, and a handful of physical items, too. Pre-ordering this edition gets the steelbook, plus a digital soundtrack, a map of the game, three replica coins you can find in the game, a collectible art book, and a 7-inch statue of Sekiro. You’re going to receive all of this for $89.99. At the time this article posts, you cannot pre-order this edition. Regardless, links for this edition for those who want to refresh their webpage waiting for it to pop on are below. Because you can only receive Sekiro’s Collector Edition from GameStop, you can call your local store to learn when they’re going to secure their supply.

Pre-order Bonuses

Pre-order Bonuses

You have three pre-order bonuses to choose from, and each differs based on what retailer you order your copy from.

  • Microsoft Store: Prosthetic arm and grappling hook appearance items for your avatar
  • PlayStation Store: A Hirata Estate Dynamic PlayStation 4 theme
  • GameStop: A limited-edition katana replica letter open, which is pictured above