How To Defeat Kuromori, Basaran and Dirge Walkthrough – Shadow of the Colossus PS4


In Shadow of the Colossus Walkthrough Part 2, after defeating the three colossi, in this part, we will provide you tips on fighting the next three colossi. They are Kuromori, Basaran, and Dirge. This time the Colossus are tougher and require a bit strategy to handle them, like using the surrounding objects to draw their attention and using them against their attack to kill them.

Shadow of the Colossus Wakthrough

Defeat Colossus 8 Kuromori (Wall Shadow) – Shadow of the Colossus Walkthrough

WalkthroughShadow of the Colossus Walkthrough

The eight colossus Kuromori is situated on the south-east side of the map. It can crawl on the wall, so you have to wait until it is high up and then knock him down. You have to keep on climbing on the colossus and knock him down to end it. To reach the Colossus, go outside the temple and take the path on your walk straight. Once you enter the mountains, keep riding and turn left at the end and keep riding towards the left side. Keep riding and on your right, you will see a tree at a distant. Cross that and turn right and keep moving toward the right end till see light in the sky. Next, you have to take a right and you will see three more lights far ahead. Keep riding straight and you will reach a shrine. Go right, and look for the cave on your right side. Cross the cave and you will see another shrine on your left side.

Shadow of the Colossus WalkthroughShadow of the Colossus Walkthrough

Follow the grassy path till you see stone structures ahead. You have to reach the entrance of the structure, you can walk from right, jump through the grassy ground. Go inside and after the stairs, you will see two pillars. Climb on any of them to reach the entrance above. Cross the area and you will reach stairs that will take you to your target.

Shadow of the Colossus WalkthroughShadow of the Colossus Walkthrough

Go down first, to kill the colossus you have to be on the lowest floor. Not on the ground but one floor above, there is a broken area, shoot some arrows on the creatures leg and it will fall down. It will stay unconscious for few seconds. Jump down direct and you have to attack two soft points on his belly. If you are on the high floor then it will be time-consuming for you to jump down and attack the colossus. So stay on the first floor from the ground. Attack the legs and then wait for the creature to fall. Jump down and attack. Within 3 tries you can kill the colossus. Always try to climb from the tail side.

Defeat Colossus 9 Basaran (Storm Echo) – Shadow of the Colossus Walkthrough

Shadow of the Colossus WalkthroughShadow of the Colossus Walkthrough

For your next colossus, you have to turn right from the temple towards the bridge. Cross the small bridge just before the two stone pillars. Cross it and ride towards the mountains ahead. Use the sword for direction. You will reach an open field, and the sky will turn dark. Keep riding a bit ahead towards the twister. Take right from the small twister that will lead you into woods. This is the place where you will face your target. This one looks like a crab, it can attack you from the mouth plasma like the previous one. You will have to keep moving as it will shoot you repeatedly.

Shadow of the Colossus WalkthroughShadow of the Colossus Walkthrough

First try to evade the attacks, don’t stay in the range, staying on the horse will be good. Try to lure the colossus on the geysers on the field. Try to ride round and round around it. It will take some time but the colossus will chase you and you can bring on the steam sprout. Get down go near the legs and attack the exposed area. The colossus will turn upside down, go on the other side before it stands up, you will have to climb on the belly. You can jump from the horse to catch the belly area, go up and wait for the colossus to turn around, Remember not to fall down. Next run towards the head there is a single soft point you have to attack. Keep attacking the point and also hold when the colossus shakes his head.

Defeat Colossus 10 Dirge (Sand Tiger) – Shadow of the Colossus Walkthrough

Shadow of the Colossus WalkthroughShadow of the Colossus Walkthrough

For this, you have to ride towards the western side of the map. Similar to the previous path turn right from the temple and take the same bridge that you used before to reach the above colossus. After crossing the bridge, ride left, and keep moving towards the right of mountains, you have to ride on the ride of dark clouds. Ride through the rocks, and keep following the sword direction. After crossing a path between the mountains you will reach a shrine on your left side with a huge entrance. Cross that and you will reach a cave full of sand. Just go near the sunlight and you will see your target.

Shadow of the Colossus WalkthroughShadow of the Colossus Walkthrough

The colossus will appear from the sand pit but will dive inside back again. Now to deal with this one, you have to run to the center of the sand pit where there are no obstructions around. Stay there for a while and let the colossus appear on the surface. As it will run towards you attack on the eye with your bow. It will turn it blind and it will follow you more aggressively and then lure it towards the wall or obstacles around the cave, as it bangs its head it will stop for a while. Climb the back and attack the mark. After attacking a few times it will dive back in the sand. Ride in your house you can try staying near the rocks in the pit, try riding in a straight point so that you can easily attack the eye.

Shadow of the Colossus Walkthrough

This one will be a bit tough to handle as it will not show both of its eyes, and after chasing you for a while it will drive out on you. So you have to dodge the attacks, all you have to do is ride in a straight point and when the ground shakes turn around to attack the eye, then just dodge it will bang on the walls and you get the chances to attack its soft point. The second point will be high above near its head. This will be the final attack and done.

So in this way you can kill all the three colossi, this time they are stronger and the bit of strategy is needed to deal with them. You can read our Shadow of the Colossus Walkthrough Part 3 to deal with the next three colossi Pelagia, Celosia, and Barba.