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In the previous chapter Rebellion Lives, Lara and Jonah were attacked while they were returning back to Kuwaq Yaku. Jonah was lost in the river, in this chapter Downpour, Lara will be fighting with Trinity guards. She is in a heavily guarded refinery where soldiers use a thermal camera to detect enemies. So it won’t be that easy.

Downpour Walkthrough

Downpour Walkthrough

After the attack, Jonah is lost and he is captured by Trinity, Lara will have to face the cult to find his friend.

Find Jonah

Stay in the plants for a while, and scan the areas nicely to get locations of guards around. You have to stealth kill them one by one. Follow the beacon and take down more guards in your way. You will also get some objects to distract guards who are standing together. Jump towards the mountain once you are done dealing with the guards and use the grapple to the ledge. Climb up and you will be in the oil fields. Activate the base camp.

Downpour Walkthrough

Once again scan for the beacon and once you reach there you will see a cutscene where you will see some guards and a soldier who is using thermal vision. So chances of your detection increases. You have to stay behind the guard. They can detect you through vegetation but not through walls. So the first thing you need is to kill the soldier. Then take the other two and follow the beacon. Use Molotov you find over crates to burn down enemies standing in groups.

The number of enemies and soldiers will increase as you keep moving forward. After you are done with the guards you will hear Jonah. Once the road ends jump towards the mountain wall and rappels down. You will get a new skill if you pick the bow kept near the skeleton. The new skill is Jaguar’s Fear. You will shoot fear arrows that will make enemies attack each other.

Downpour Walkthrough

Climb on the tree after taking the bow, just follow the beacon and scan to see the branches you can climb. You can use the new fear arrows on the enemies below. It is very effective to take down a group of guards in the area. You will also get some Shrapnel Grenades. Using them will incapacitate enemies. You can also pick and throw gasoline gallons. After passing through the area you have to reach the refinery.

After getting attacked keep running as fast as possible to avoid the attacks. You cannot attack now, all you need to do is escape. After hanging on a pipe of tower keep climbing up. Walk through the pipe and jump ahead to hang on other platform Keep moving right, there will be a lot of blasts around. Just keep climbing on top. There will be a cutscene once Lara fells in the water.

Defeat Trinity:

You will get a weapon to know, a rifle, your war with Trinity begins. You will have to kill a lot of soldiers in here. Target the barrels around to create an explosion and damage, multiple enemies, once. You will have to stay in cover to avoid health loss. Here you cannot move in the open, due to a lot of debris around sometime it is hard to spot guards. Just search for red barrels and shoot it. Another annoying thing will be the helicopter. You will need a good space to hide. Once the helicopter crashes there will be a massive explosion.

In the cutscene you will see somehow Jonah was able to make out alive. And Lara is able to solve the riddle that gives them more info on the silver box. The chapter ends here. You can read our walkthrough on the next chapter Via Veritas.

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