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After locating the ruins in the last chapter Where The Twins Confer, Lara heads towards the ruins. The chapter begins as you enter it, you will have to pass through the ruins to finally reach the 5 circular doors which are locked. This is a puzzle, you can find the solution to unlock the doors of ruins in this walkthrough.

Path Of The Living Walkthrough

Path Of The Living Walkthrough

In the temple after dealing with the Trinity Forces, you will be heading deeper into ruins.

Reach The Temple:

After watching the blast you will start playing. You will also learn Swan Dive, follow the beacon and you will spot a bridge. Swim below the ship and at the end go underwater to cross the blocked path. Above you will see a boat and some Trinity guards.

Get Past The Trinity Forces:

Path Of The Living Walkthrough

Wait for the two talking guards to walk away from the one who is in the corner. You stealth kill him from the water. Target the enemy only when he appears as yellow under Survival Instinct. Instead of following the guards and killing them with a knife, you can scan them with Survival Instinct and once they are in yellow draw your Bow and shoot an arrow on the head. This one is a huge time saver. Follow the beacon.

Infiltrate The Porvenir Camp:

Just outside the Trinity Base, you can lit the bonfire to access Skills, Inventory, and Fast Travel section. Upgrading your weapons and getting new skills will help you ahead. Once you are near the gate, you will see Mud Patches. The patches are ideal to stay hidden, cover yourself in mud first and then enter the base. Scan for the places to hide first, there is a mud-covered wall that is an ideal place to blend in. Next, there are plants, wait for the guards to walk into your path. You will follow an open area with more guards. Scan for the guards in yellow and shoot arrow on the head to kill them.

There will be three guards near the door. Go left and climb on the metal platform, the guard will walk on the left of the gate wait there. Once it turns green shoot with an arrow or you can jump to stealth kill. For the other two, you can use a pistol.

Investigate The Oil Well:

Break the door and rappel down the well. You will have to explore this place. Follow the beacon and it will take you inside the temple.

Find A Way To Open The Gate:

Inside the temple, there are three doors that will take you inside, and there are two separate doors on the left and right. All these doors will be unlocked by rotating the square blocks on the left and the right side of the center door. There are two rotating levers after moving them on the right numbers you will have to interact with the circular doors to open them. The left and right doors have the solution to open the main door in the center.

Solution To Open The First Door On the Left:

Path Of The Living Walkthrough

Rotate the lever to move the square shape stones to get exact the above signs. This will open the door on the left, walk towards the door and interact with it and it will open. Inside you will find some blocks with signs.

Solution To Open The First Door On the Right:

Path Of The Living Walkthrough

Return to the lever on the right side of center area and move the blocks in the exact position as shown in the above pictures.

Solution To Open Center Door:

After opening two doors on the left and right you have to center three in the center area. The door that you opened in the left and right side has an arrangement of brown rocks with a sign on them. To open all the three door you will have to align the puzzle pieces of the center area according to the signs and symbols of pieces on the left and right wall.

Door Solution To Open The First Door On the Right:

Center Door 1 Solution:

Path Of The Living Walkthrough

Move the blocks outside on left and right for matching the symbols to unlock the door. The interact with the door to open it.

Center Door 2 Solution:

Path Of The Living Walkthrough

After opening the first door return back to the entrance area to move the blocks in the matching direction as shown in the above pic to open the second door. If you pick to interact with the door with moving the puzzle pieces the floor will fall and you will die.

Center Door 3 Solution:

Path Of The Living Walkthrough

To open the last one you have to examine the photos to get the clue. So view the artifact first. You will be inside the temple after solving this puzzle. Exit Walk towards the mural and there will be a cutscene.

The chapter ends here. After talking on with Jonah the next chapter Path Of The Dead Begins. Click the link to read our walkthrough on it. For more updates on the game do have a look on Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Wiki guide.