VIA VERITAS | Shadow of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough

In the previous chapter Downpour, Lara faced Trinity and she was able to find Jonah also who was lost in the river after getting attacked. In this mission VIA VERITAS, both had to Peru to find the silver box. After finding a library both Jonah and Lara investigates to find the silver box.

VIA VERITAS Walkthrough

VIA VERITAS Walkthrough

As the chapter begins there are certain clues you have to find out which will lead you to a hidden chamber that has the silver box.

Talk To Abby’s Friend

Follow Abby and she will tell you about her archeologist friend Sara. After a cutscene, Sara will tell you to check the Library first. You will find Jonah at the Library follow him.

Find The Secret Crypt

VIA VERITAS Walkthrough

After the cutscene is over, scan with survival instinct. Look on the wall on the right, break it to reveal an old painting.

VIA VERITAS Walkthrough

Follow the next beacon and it will take you to a different wall, look for a wall with the yellow painting on it. Break the wall to reveal the painting behind it. This will trigger a cutscene. Breaking it will reveal a mural.

Find The Cross

VIA VERITAS Walkthrough

Go straight in the end towards another room and break the wall. You will find the cross behind it. After moving the cross a door to secret chambers open up in the ground.

H3 – Follow The Stations Of The Cross There is a mirror in the room pull it below the light. It will direct the light on a wall that will open up an entrance. Follow Jonah, he will stand near a Virgin Mary statue. To fix the mirror interact with Jonah who will help you to climb on the statue and clean the mirror. Follow the next station.

VIA VERITAS Walkthrough

Rotate the wheel attached to the mirror in the center of the room. Rotate it towards the handle that kicked Lara away and next she will be able to get access to the next station. Walk towards the cross shape entrance.

VIA VERITAS Walkthrough

In this room, you will find a cross shape mechanism that has a mirror in the center. There are two of them with some depiction of Jesus fructification. Push the mechanism on the right first towards the center one like in the picture above. Then go there and push the hand and you will see the black skeletons will fall. Then go the left one and do the exact same thing, first pull the mechanism in the line of light and then rotate it to the extreme end. Push the handle below it. This will open a door.

Swim To Safety

In the cutscene, you will see Lara finally gets the silver box. After taking it the place will start to fall. You have to safely swim by avoiding the falling debris. After getting out in another cutscene you will see Jonah is captured by Trinity.

Trying to save Jonah, Lara gives the box to Dominguez. The chapter ends when Jonah takes the box and runs away. You can read our walkthrough on the next chapter Veni Vidi Perdidi.

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