All covenant class abilities in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Pick your power wisely.

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Shadowlands brings a ton of new content to World of Warcraft, and that includes the four new Covenants that you are going to be able to join.

During your adventure, you will be able to work with each of the Kyrian, Venthyr, Necrolord, and Night Fae to get a feeling for what each one is about. Later in the game, you will be asked to align yourself and in doing so, you will be given some new abilities.

While some of these abilities will be given to you, regardless of what your character is, some of them can only be available to certain classes. These abilities are going to have a big impact on which Covenant you want to join so we have each of the unique class abilities for you right here.

Death Knight

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Shackle the Unworthy

This single-target ability will cause the afflicted enemy to deal 5% less damage to you and your rune-spending attacks have a to spread the DoT to any nearby enemies.


Swarming Mist

This AoE attack will give you a 10% boost to your dodging while also causing AoE damage around you, immediately, for 8 seconds. As the ability deals damage, you will generate 3 Runic Power up to 15 Runic Power, every second.


Abomination Limb

Another AoE ability that will dishes out some good damage, every second, around you and also pulls in an enemy that is greater than 8 yards away close to you, into melee range.

You will also get a buff depending on which specialization you are currently using:

  • Blood – generate 3 Bone Shield charges
  • Frost – the Rime spell
  • Unholy – the Runic Corruption spell

Night Fae

Death’s Due

This replacement to Death and Decay is a targeted AoE attack, and will corrupt enemies in the specific, targeted area. While you and your target are under Death’s Due’s effects, you empower your specialization’s rune spender to debuff your enemy’s damage, as well as buffing your Strength.

These are the empowerments to your rune spenders depending on specialization:

  • Blood – Heart Strike will now hit 3 additional targets
  • Frost – Obliterate will hit 1 additional target
  • Unholy – Scourge Strike/Clawing Shadows and Necrotic Strike now will hit a total of 4 targets.

Demon Hunter

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Elysian Decree

Lay this sigil on the ground that will detonate to deal AoE damage to enemies in the area and shatter 3 Lesser Soul Fragments.

The Lesser Soul Fragments will also have additional effects depending on specialization:

  • Havoc – heals for 20% of your maximum health, thanks to Shattered Souls, and gives you 30 fury in you are talented into Demonic Appetite.
  • Vengeance – heals you for 6% for all damage taken


Sinful Brand

Targets an enemy that will debuff their damage over time, while also decreasing their attack and cast speed by 30%. You can then activate Metamorphosis and the ability will spread to nearby targets.


Fodder to the Flame

This cooldown ability will summon a demon that only you will be able to kill and that will release an Empowered Demon Soul when defeated. Consuming the soul will cause an increase of 30% to your damage and reduce all incoming damage by 15%.

Night Fae

The Hunt

This is a movement ability that causes you to charge your target, dealing damage, and rooting them for 1.5 seconds. Additionally, you will apply damage over time to 5 targets between your charged target and you. The last benefit is that, for 30 seconds, any attacks against your charged target will heal a percentage of your damage dealt, depending on your specialization.

These differences in specializations are:

  • Havoc – heal for 25% of the damage dealt
  • Vengeance – heal for 50% of the damage dealt


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Kindred Spirits

This ability comes in two parts:

First, you can choose to bond with one of your allies. While the bond does not give you any benefits immediately, you can empower it every minute for 10 seconds that will grant you an effect based on your roles:

  • Damage, Balance, or Feral – 20% of your damage dealt will build a reservoir that your bonded partner can spend to deal damage, heal allies, or absorb damage.
  • Tank or Guardian – 40% of damage taken by your bonded partner will be redirected to you instead unless you fall below 20% health.
  • Healer or Restoration – 30% of all healing done by you will be replicated onto your bonded partner.

If you don’t bond with an ally, then the empowerment will be based on your role, alone:

  • Balance, or Feral – 15% increased damage for 10 seconds
  • Guardian – 10% incoming damage reduction for 10 seconds
  • Restoration – 15% increased damage for 10 seconds


Ravenous Frenzy

This cooldown ability will give you a stacking haste, damage, and healing buff that is based on the Druid spells cast while the ability is active. If you stop casting for more than 2 seconds, then you will suffer damage equal to 1% your maximum health and will be stunned.


Adaptive Swarm

This cooldown ability can be applied to an ally or a an enemy. If applied to an ally, that ally will be healed over a period of time, and if applied to an enemy, they will be damaged over a period of time.

Once it is done, it will jump to an opposite aligned target (i.e. enemy to ally, ally to enemy) and will continue until all three stacks of the ability have been expended.

Night Fae

Convoke the Spirits

Another cooldown ability that casts 16 Druid abilities (12 if Restoration specialization) for 4 seconds. The spells are determined by your specialization:

  • General Spells – Rejuvenation, Regrowth, Moonfire, and Wrath.
  • Balance – Starsurge, Starfall, and Full Moon.
  • Feral – Ferocious Bite, Rake, Shred, Tiger’s Fury, and Feral Frenzy.
  • Guardian – Mangle, Ironfur, Thrash and Pulverize.
  • Restoration – Swiftmend, Wild Growth, and Flourish.


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Resonating Arrow

This cooldown ability will mark an area of the ground that will dish damage to any enemy within its range. You, and your pet, can attack any of these enemies, even if they are not within your line of sight. These attacks have a 30% greater chance of being a critical strike.


Flayed Shot

This ability is a single-target attack that causes the enemy with a short duration damage over time. With every tick of DoT, you have a 10% chance of your next Kill Shot being free and usable, immediately.


Death Chakram

This ability has your character throw a chakram that will damage an enemy seven times, even bouncing around to other enemies, if available, for a total of 7 damaging events. Every bounce causes the damage to increase for 15 seconds while granting 3 bonus.

Night Fae

Wild Spirits

Targeting the ground with this ability will create an area that will dish out damage to any enemy that steps inside its boundaries and applies Hunter’s Mark. Any damage you do will cause additional damage to be done to up to 5 nearby targets.


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Radiant Spark

Radiant Spark will dish out damage immediately, and then will deal it out over time following that. Any target who are affected by the ability will also take 10% more damage from your direct damage spells. It will end after 4 spell casts.


Mirrors of Torment

This spell will inflict its target with a debuff of 3 stacks. Every time that the enemy casts, attacks, or uses an ability will expend a stack, slowing the enemy’s movement and attack speed. The final stack will root and silence the enemy while doing increased damage.

Each stack, when consumed, will grant a special effect based on your specialization:

  • Arcane – gain 4% mana
  • Fire – cooldown on Fire Blast is reduced by 4 seconds
  • Frost – gain a proc of Brain Freeze



This cooldown ability will transform you into a skeletal mage and increases your spell damage by 10%. It also causes your primary damaging ability to hit 2 other targets. This is based on your specialization as follows:

  • Arcane – Arcane Blast
  • Fire – Fireball
  • Frost – Frostbolt

Night Fae

Shifting Power

This ability will deal out AoE damage to the enemies around you. While you channel this spell, your cooldowns are all reduced by 10 seconds.


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Weapons of Order

This ability will increase your mastery for a good amount of time, while each specialization will get an added benefit:

  • Brewmaster – Keg Smash’s cooldown is instantly reset and enemies hit by Keg Smash take a stacking 8% damage taken from you increase, up to 32%, for the remaining duration of Weapons of Order.
  • Mistweaver – Essence Font’s cooldown is instantly reset and you radiate healing to 6 nearby allies at the start and end of an Essence Font channel for the remaining duration of Weapons of Order.
  • Windwalker – Rising Sun Kick reduces chi cost by 1 for 5s and Blackout Kick further reduces the cooldown of Rising Sun Kick and Fists of Fury by an additional second for the remaining duration of Weapons of Order.


Fallen Order

Using this ability will slowly summon a legion of monk spirits that will help you for a short amount of time, either dealing damage or healing. You also empower the allies that match your specialization:

  • Brewmaster – Ox allies attack enemies with Breath of Fire.
  • Mistweaver – Crane allies heal allies with Enveloping Mist.
  • Windwalker – Tiger allies assault allies with Fists of Fury.


Bonedust Brew

Targeting the ground, this cooldown ability will buff the allies in the area, while debuffing all the enemies. These will cause your any ability to have a 50% chance to hit at 35% effectiveness.

An additional benefit will be given to each specialization:

  • Brewmaster – Tiger Palm and Keg Smash further reduce the cooldown of your brews by an additional second when attacking enemies coated in Bonedust Brew.
  • Mistweaver – Mastery: Gust of Mists heals allies coated in Bonedust Brew for an additional amount.
  • Windwalker – Spinning Crane Kick refunds 1 Chi when hitting enemies coated in Bonedust Brew.

Night Fae

Faeline Stomp

This ability will unleash a frontal AoE attack that will damage up to 5 enemies and heals up to 5 allies within 30 yards. Each ability used in the faeline has a 6% chance to reset the cooldown for Faeline Stomp.

Each specialization will have their own benefits as well:

  • Brewmaster – Stagger is 5% more effective for a short duration against enemies caught in the faeline.
  • Mistweaver – Up to 5 allies are healed by an Essence Font bolt if caught in the faeline.
  • Windwalker – Additional damage is dealt to 5 enemies caught in the faeline.


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Divine Toll

Using this ability will release 5 replications of a primary ability to any ally or enemy within 30 yards. This ability is based on your specialization:

  • Holy – Holy Shock
  • Protection – Avenger’s Shield
  • Retribution – Judgment


Ashen Hallow

A targeted ability that allows you to set an area where all allies or enemies will be either healed or damaged, respectively. For you, standing in the area will allow you to use Hammer of Wrath on any enemy, regardless of their health percentage.


Vanquisher’s Hammer

When you use this ability, you deal damage to a specific enemy and that empowers an ability that is dependent on your character’s specialization:

  • Holy – Your next Word of Glory automatically triggers Light of Dawn
  • Protection – Your next Word of Glory automatically triggers Shield of the Righteous
  • Retribution – Your next Templar’s Verdict automatically triggers Divine Storm

Night Fae

Blessing of the Seasons

This ability will help out an ally of yours, giving them a very big buff for a good amount of time before rotating to the next season with a different buff. Each buff will last 30 seconds, while the cooldown for the ability is 45 seconds.

The buffs for each season are as follows:

  • Blessing of Spring – blesses an ally with 10% increased healing done and 20% healing received
  • Blessing of Summer – blesses an ally causing their attacks to have an additional chance to deal holy damage
  • Blessing of Autumn – blesses an ally causing their cooldowns to recover 30% faster for the duration of the buff
  • Blessing of Spring – blesses an ally causing their attacks to deal additional damage and apply a movement and attack speed stacking debuff


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Boon of the Ascended

This long cooldown ability will be replaced, when activated, by Ascended Nova for 10 seconds, dealing out AoE damage and healing up to 6 nearby enemies, and also granting one stack of Boon of the Ascended buff. On top of this, a core damaging ability is turned into Ascended Blast, causing damage when cast. It also heals nearby allies along with giving 5 stacks of the Boon of the Ascended buff.

The ability that is replaced is based on specializations as follows:

  • Discipline & Holy – Smite
  • Shadow – Mind Flay



Mindgames will deal out damage, upfront, to an enemy and when that enemy attacks next, that damage will be done as healing to an ally. When the damage is reversed, your specialization gets a bit of resource as follows:

  • Discipline & Holy – 4% mana
  • Shadow – 20 insanity


Unholy Nova

You can target an enemy, an ally, or yourself with this ability. When it hits, it will heal nearby allies based off of the number of allies, as well as doing the same for nearby enemies. It will also deal damage over a short amount of time from Unholy Transfusion. If allies damage any enemies afflicted by Unholy Transfusion will be healed for a small amount.

Night Fae

Fae Guardians

With this ability, you can summon three faeries that will give you helpful buffs and move to new targets based on which spells are cast. The buffs that each faerie provides, along with their abilities, are as follows:

  • The offensive faerie will follow the target of your most recent Shadow Word: Pain and will restore a small amount of mana or insanity for each of your direct attacks against that target.
  • The defensive faerie will follow the target of your most recent Power Word: Shield and will provide 10% incoming damage reduction.
  • The cooldown faerie will follow the target of your most recent Flash Heal for Holy or Shadow Mend for Discipline and Shadow and will increase cooldown recovery rate of a major ability by 100%.


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Echoing Reprimand

This ability will deal upfront damage to generate two combo points and then overcharge one of your combo points for 45 seconds.



When using this ability, you will deal three minor damage hits to your target and afflict them with a 20 second debuff that will stack for each initial hit.


Serrated Bone Spike

This ability has three charges that, when used, will cause the enemy to suffer an indefinite bleed and will generate a combo point per currently active Serrated Bone Spike bleed.

Night Fae


You can use this ability to inflict short duration damage over time and generate a combo point. If the target survives the entire DoT, then you will receive a buff that allows you to use any stealth-requiring ability for 5 seconds. If the target dies, then the ability’s cooldown is reduced by 30 seconds.


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Vesper Totem

You can target the grount with this ability that places a totem at the designated area. When you use a damaging ability, the totem will begin to emit AoE damage to 6 enemies nearby. And when you use a healing ability, it emits healing for 6 allies nearby.


Chain Harvest

As you can gleam from its name, Chain Harvest will launch a chain ability that deals damage to enemies and heals allies. For any enemy or ally that is critically hit by the ability, the cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds.


Primordial Wave

This ability has unique effects based on specialization as follows:

  • Restoration – Primordial Wave is a cooldown ability that deals upfront damage damage and applies Flame Shock to an enemy or heals an ally and applies Riptide. Your next Healing Wave cast will also hit all targets affected by your Riptide for 60% of normal healing.
  • Elemental – Primordial Wave is a cooldown ability that deals upfront damage damage and applies Flame Shock to an enemy or heals an ally. Your next Lava Burst will also hit all targets affected by your Flame Shock for 80% of normal damage.
  • Enhancement – Primordial Wave is a cooldown ability that deals upfront damage damage and applies Flame Shock to an enemy or heals an ally. Your next Lightning Bolt will also hit all targets affected by your Flame Shock for 100% of normal damage.

Night Fae

Fae Transfusion

Designate an area that will siphon health from any enemies within its boundaries between up to 4 targets. Enchancement Shamans will also gain 3 Maelstrom stacks for each channel completed. When you reactivate Fae Transfusion shortly after completing a channel, you will radiate healing to 6 nearby allies.


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Scouring Tithe

When you target an enemy with this ability, you will deal upfront damage and then follow it with damage over time for 18 seconds. If the target dies while the DoT is still active, you will generate 5 Soul Shards. If the DoT expires naturally, then the ability is immediately refreshed.


Impending Catastrophe

You send out a cloud that will travel to its targeted enemy, dealing damage to others enemies it comes across. Once it reaches its target, the cloud will explode that applies damage over time to the target and all nearby enemies. All enemies that receive the DoT will have Curse of Weakness or Curse of Tongues, based on the type of mob.


Decimating Bolt

After dealing upfront damage, you will then increase the damage of your next 3 casts of a spell specific to your specialization:

  • Affliction – Shadow Bolt or Drain Soul (if talented)
  • Demonology – Demonbolt
  • Destruction – Incinerate

The damage increased is greater the lower the health of your target.

Night Fae

Soul Rot

When applied to your targeted enemy, this ability will afflict a damage over time effect, as well as another DoT attack, of half value, to 3 other enemies nearby. Drain Life will also work on any enemy affected by Soul Rot and not cost anything.


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Spear of Bastion

This ground-targeted ability will generate 25 rage, deal upfront damage, and inflict damage over time for a short duration. All affected enemies are tethered to the area as well.



This ability uses Rage that will replace Execute, dealing upfront damage to the targeted enemies and weaken them. If the target survives, then Arms and Protection Warriors are refunded 20% of the cost of rage.

It can only be used on enemies above 80% health or below 20% health.


Conqueror’s Banner

This ability will have you plant a banner where you’re standing to designate an area where you and 2 allies will receive 20% health increase and a 10% critical strike chance for 20 seconds. While using rage and killing enemies in the area, you’ll also get stacks of Glory, with each rage cost for one stack dependent on your specialization:

  • Arms & Protection – 20 rage per stack
  • Fury – 30 rage per stack

Night Fae

Ancient Aftershock

This ability unleashes a frontal cone that will deal upfront AoE damage to 5 enemeis and knock them down. Afterwards, aftershocks will permeate in the area, dealing damage to 5 enemies for a short amount of time. This will generate Rage per each enemy hit and continually knock enemies down.