Shadowlands: Forging a Champion quest guide

Get the Bonesmith to listen to you.

As you make your way through Shadowlands, you’re going to come across a quest called Forging a Champion that sounds rather simple, but has proven to be giving players quite some trouble.

The goal of the quest is to ask Bonesmith Heirmir about your runeblade. That’s it, and yet the quest is kind of tough if you aren’t ready for what is going to happen.

So let’s start at the beginning:

Find Bonesmith Heirmir

After being given the quest, your first goal will be to find the Bonesmith. Heirmir is located in the House of the Chosen, at 36.21, 71.05 coordinates to be exact.

Image via Wowpedia

Talk with Bonesmith Heirmir

This is the tricky part.

You see, when you try and talk to Heirmir, he will tell you that he is too busy and doesn’t have time to talk to you.

In order to get him to listen to you, you are going to need to click on a prompt that will appear just above your Interface Bar, called “Listen Up!”. It’s a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, and if you’re not ready for it, you can easily be left wondering what to do now.

But pressing it at the right time will cause the Bonesmith to take notice of you and your blade. After this, he will walk a short distance; follow him and then interact with him once the “?” appears above him.

Then, you can complete the quest.