Shenmue III: How To Make Money Quickly


While Shenmue III has a lot to offer to players, most of it costs money. You’re going to need yuan to buy a lot of things, like Snake Power and that garlic to indulge in, but it doesn’t come easily, and you’ll have to work for it here.

Fortunately, there are a few ways for you to generate the maximum amount of yuan and get everything you need even if you’re getting a few plays in the arcade. Let’s take a look at the various ways you can clean up cash without working up too much of a storm.

Getting a Start In Bailu Village

As you begin in Bailu Village, you can find a few spots that will pay you for simple work. The first of these places is the Tao Get Store, which you’ll come across right after you get over the Verdant Bridge.

You’ll meet Tao Guanzhong, who will invite you to do some wood chopping. It’s a relatively easy activity, but it pays pretty low. Still, you need to start somewhere. Do it a few times, and you should be able to build up around 560 yuan.

From there, you’ll find an opportunity to do some gambling. You’ll find these games once you make your way past the cow paddock. You’ll be able to spend 300 yuan to get around 3,000 tokens, which you can then turn around on games. But hold onto some of those for a little later.

If you prefer a more proper way to make a living, go towards the Panda Market until you reach a sign, then take a left to reach Sunset Hill. You’ll locate a shop with a yin and yang sign. A fortune teller by the name of Zhu Tianwen will be waiting – have her read your color fortune.

Once you’re done there, go to the gambling area just off to the right. You’ll see a game that’s called “Flower, Bird, Wind & Moon.”

Take part in the game and bet 1,000 tokens, the maximum. Remember the color the fortune-teller gave you. Bet on it when it becomes available. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Green= bird
  • Yellow= moon
  • Blue= wind
  • Red= flower

The odds are usually against you, but play a few times, and you’ll earn four times the amount of tokens back. Remember that color effects only last a couple of hours overall. Lose three times in a row, and you’ll need to start with the psychic all over again.

Build up to 20,000 tokens and then go to the Panda Market. You’ll find a prize exchange here, including a few gems. Once you’re done buying stuff, go to the pawnbroker next door and sell what you have. You’ll earn back more yuan than you started with.

It can take a little bit of time with travel, but you’ll stock up on some serious cash for later on.

Shenmue III Making Money

Building On Your Fortune In Niaowu

After you’re done in the village, you’ll go to Niaowu next. Make your way up Main Street, and you’ll see a neon sign that reads “GAME.” Go past that, hang a right, and take the stairs. You’ll come across an alley with a different fortune teller.

Once you’re done speaking with them, go back downstairs and hang a left. You’ll come across New Paradise, with the Golden Goose waiting inside. Buy a few tokens (if you don’t have some already) and play “Flower, Bird, Wind & Moon” again. The same rules apply as before.

Once you’re done and have some tokens built up, go to the Prize Exchange, located in the Prize Cafe. Buy up a storm, mainly gems. It’s at the end of the walkway. Once you’re done, go back downstairs and find the pawnbroker, repeat the process, and you’re rolling in cash again.

It’s a simple process that’s worth repeating. Not to mention a good time if you’re a betting person.

(Kudos to PS4 Kid for the tips!)

Shenmue III is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.