Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Bandit Lair guide

Remember to arrest not kill.

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Sherlock is a master detective, but he is also a trained fighter ready to put criminals away. Shortly after gaining access to the police archives, Sherlock will be placed into training to deal with criminals out on the streets. Of course, you are to detain these criminals and not kill them. The training teaches you how to subdue opponents using the environment. An interesting and effective form of combat indeed.

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After training is complete, you will learn about Bandit Lairs. There is one Bandit Lair in each of the districts across Cordova. Each one of these lairs is marked by a door with a skull on it. The objective is to arrest every criminal inside (not kill them).

When tackling a Bandit Lair, you will first be introduced by a cutscene. Afterward, enemies will begin attacking. It is up to you to subdue them. There are many enemies in each lair (for example, the Scaladio lair has 12). The more enemies you arrest, the great number of points you receive.

There are a few bonuses you receive depending on your actions. You will get more points if you fire fewer shots. So try to be accurate. You will also receive more points based on the location’s difficulty. Finally, you get more points for taking less damage. Killing enemies will ultimately give you negative points, so avoid killing anyone unless it is necessary.

Completing a Bandit Lair without killing anyone will unlock a challenge to try the next time you attempt one. For example, one of the challenges is Shorter Concentration. This means you will have less time to aim when using concentration during the Bandit Lair.