Shoot Wall Simulator Codes (June 2023)

Shoot’em up.

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The desire to cause absolute mayhem and destroy everything doesn’t come to everyone, but if you are someone the likes to wreak havoc in video games, Shoot Wall Simulator might be able to quench your thirst. The game features a simple mechanic where you simply have to break walls in your path.

While the game doesn’t really demand in-game resources, you can still utilize codes to earn free rewards such as pets or potions.

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Shoot Wall Simulator codes list

Shoot Wall Simulator working codes

These codes are active for the game.

  • Pet – Claim a Common Pet
  • 100KV – Claim a 100K Skewnet Pet 
  • 250KV – Claim 2 Wins Potions 
  • 2KMembers – Claim 2 Damage Potions 
  • 1KLikes – Claim 5 Damage Potions (lasts 5 minutes)
  • Chef – Claim 2 Wins Potions (lasts 30 minutes)

Shoot Wall Simulator expired codes

Currently, there are no inactive codes in the game.

How to redeem Shoot Wall Simulator codes?

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To redeem the codes in the game, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Launch the game on your device.
  • Click on the codes button on the right side of the screen.
  • Enter codes in the text box that appears and click on submit.

How can you get more Shoot Wall Simulator codes?

Either bookmark this page or follow @morldev on Twitter to keep in touch will all the latest information regarding Shoot Wall Simulator. You could join  Toptier Production Discord Server, where you’ll also get to interact with other players.

Why are my Shoot Wall Simulator codes not working?

Provided that the code you are using is valid, there could be many reasons for not working. Before entering a Final Sea code, check for spelling or punctuation errors. There could also be case-sensitive errors, so ensure you put the code exactly as it is.

How to get more Shoot Wall Simulator codes?

To get additional rewards in Shoot Wall Simulator, keep checking the Claim Gift! option on the right side of the screen every few hours. The rewards you can get include potions, wins, and ammo.

What is Shoot Wall Simulator?

The concept of the Shoot Wall Simulator is pretty easy to grasp; you go through a chain of walls that you have to destroy by shooting. As you progress, the stages will get harder, and you’ll need to better weapons and various boosts.