Should Balathu follow orders or be reluctant in The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes?

Should this woman die?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Welcome to Akkad, 2231 BC. Balathu chases a prisoner and fails at executing him because the king is calling. He enters the throne room to see King Naram-Sin sitting atop his throne while a young woman is tied up in front of him. Balathu addresses the king and after a short conversation, you are presented with your first meaningful choice.

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Remember, your choices have consequences, some better, some worse. You have three options to choose from here:

  • Say nothing
  • Be compliant
  • Be reluctant

Each of these choices comes with consequences later on. So which one should you choose?

Say nothing

If you choose to say nothing, the woman will automatically break free of her bonds and try to fight Balathu, resulting in her death by a spear through the chest.

Be compliant

If you choose to be compliant, Balathu will attempt to slice the woman’s throat but she breaks free. They tussle and the woman ultimately gets away. That is until you throw a spear through her chest. Later in the chapter, the king will die. Balathu will be surprised by this and ultimately gain a negative relationship with Kurum.

Be Reluctant

If you choose to be reluctant, Balathu will try to reason with the king. Of course, the king doesn’t want to hear this and the woman breaks free. She ultimately ends up dead at the end of your spear. Later on, the king will die. Balathu will be relieved by the sight of the dead king and gain a positive relationship with Kurum.