Should I choose Archie Baldwin or Harper Dell in NBA 2K21?

Which agent should I opt for?

Should I choose Archie Baldiwn or Harper Dell in NBA 2K21?

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MyCareer mode has been revamped in NBA 2K21, and the choices on offer to you are greater than ever before. To add to its realism, you have the chance to choose an agent whose job will be to land your sponsorship deals, determine how many fans you accrue, and more.

NBA 2K21 has a choice of two agents, Archie Baldwin and Harper Dell, and each one brings different strengths to the table. If you’re unsure about who to select, allow us to offer you some pointers.

Choosing Archie Baldwin in NBA 2K21

Archie is the sentimental option. Archie is a close family friend, and he’s been present since the start of your journey. As such, you already have a good working relationship with him, and if you want to give a family friend a boost as your career progresses, you can establish him in the NBA just as much as he establishes you. Selecting Archie will grant you these bonuses:

  • Lower Commission – You will earn more virtual currency (VC) from deals, but it will take longer to acquire them
  • Great at Marketing Playground Players – You will earn fans by playing in the Neighborhood
  • Teammates, Respect, and Loyalty – You have, and build, greater team chemistry with your squadmates
  • Less Fans Required to Unlock these Brands – Adidas, New Balance, Puma, Under Armour, Beats, and Gatorade

Picking Harper Dell in NBA 2K21

Harper has a huge reputation in the NBA and can make you a superstar. He knows how the system works, and this can be an advantage if you want to make a name for yourself straight away. Your relationship won’t be as strong, but Harper will make up for this by earning you better rewards, different brand endorsements, and more fans in other areas. Choosing Harper nets you these bonuses:

  • Higher Commission – You will earn less VC per deal, but you will get quicker sponsorships.
  • Great a Marketing NBA Stars – You earn more fans in the League.
  • Experienced, Image, and Cultivation – Lowers the impact of negative teammate chemistry.
  • Fewer Fans Required to Unlock these Brands – Air Jordan, Nike, Mobil, Kia, Tissot, and Converse.