Should you buy the Disabler in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy?

Is it worth the price?

Screenshot by Gamepur

While playing through Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, you will be forced to make a lot of important decisions. While you are exploring Knowhere in Chapter 6, you may come across a Junk Dealer. He can be found in the Collector’s Emporium.

For players who want to go and visit this location, but not pay the 5000 Credit price of entry, there is a way to get a Collector’s Emporium Ticket ticket for free. Once you have your ticket, make your way to the Emporium and then to the Junk Dealer. He will offer you a device called the Disabler. At a cost of 1500 Credits, he will claim it will remove a Nova Corps Disabler from a ship.

This is of interest to you, as you will otherwise need to pay a far more expensive fine to get rid of the one on the Milano. Interestingly, if you buy the Disable from the Junk Dealer, you never get to use it. The story progresses in such a way that it becomes somewhat of a self-resolving issue.

As such, you should not buy the Disabler and you should simply keep the Credits for more important things. It is somewhat of a red herring and doesn’t actually serve any important purpose for the player at all. Who knew a dodgy Junk Dealer on a criminal-infested space station might try and sell you some bogus gear.