Should you calm Mac down or walk away in Life is Strange: True Colors

When Mac is struggling with his fear and going through a panic attack, will you calm him down or walk away?


Screenshot by Gamepur

At one point during Life is Strange: True Colors, Alex is on the hunt for Mac to find out what he knows about the Typhon blast incident. It appears that Mac might have ignored Gabe’s call and caused him to die. It’s time to find out the truth. Confronting Mac will result in him shutting himself out. Reading his emotions will reveal that he is scared.

After finding out more information that will push him over the edge, Alex sends Mac into a full-blown panic attack. Alex will give chase and corner him past the alley. Mac finally spills the information that he is being forced to keep his involvement a secret. With him freaking out and scared for his life you can either choose to calm him down or let him suffer by walking away.

Calm Mac down

The obvious morally acceptable route is to calm Mac down. Taking this route will result in you telling him to calm down and telling him about Alex’s past. She understands what it’s like to have everyone doubting her. This will calm Mac down after a little bit. Alex will then tell him to stay in Haven while she tries to find out the truth behind the incident.

Walk Away

If you think Mac deserves the panic attack then you can choose to walk away. After all, he is somewhat responsible for Gabe’s death since he didn’t speak up about it or contact the authorities. Choosing this option will result in Alex telling Mac that he deserves what he is feeling. Mac will attempt to defend himself to no avail as Alex will get furious from this. After the event, Mac will end up leaving Haven.