Should you choose mushrooms or bats in Stardew Valley?

A difficult choice for your farm.

Stardew Valley

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As you progress through Stardew Valley and work on your farm, multiple events will happen throughout the event. A critical event will occur when Demetrius speaks to you outside your farm after you reach 25,000 gold, offering to build you a cave you can use on your property for the research he needs to do. He’ll give you a choice to attract fruit bats or mushrooms to the location. Although it might seem like a small decision, the choice is important, and we recommend considering the pros and cons of each decision. Should you choose mushrooms or bats for your farm cave in Stardew Valley?

Should you pick the Mushrooms or Bats cave?


The fruit bats attracted to the cave will bring several types of fruit to the cave. They have the chance to drop cherries, pomegranate, peaches, apples, oranges, spice berries, apricot, wild plum, blackberries, or salmonberries. These are extremely useful for players who want to increase their relationship with characters in town or by creating the various Community Center items.


Five mushrooms will grow in the cave if you select mushrooms: a common mushroom, red mushroom, purple mushroom, chanterelle, and morel. Although you receive fewer items with this selection, the red mushroom, purple mushroom, chanterelle, and morel are ingredients for the Life Elixir, a thing that heals your character quite a bit. However, you can simply sell off these mushrooms and earn a decent amount of money.

Which should you choose?

It all depends on what you want to focus on with your cave. The fruit bat cave is the best option for those who prefer the short-term results and increasing your relationships with the NPCs. However, this choice falls off after completing the Community Center and reaching the maximum relationship of every character in town. The mushroom has the most long-term worth, especially given the use of the Life Exilir, and the items you have here are ones you can earn the most money.

We recommend the mushroom cave over the two, but you will receive use early in a playthrough for the fruit bat cave.