Should you forgive Jay and turn him in or not in As Dusk Falls?

It’s literally a matter of life and death.

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With every decision you make in As Dusk Falls, there are consequences that will come after. However, no matter your choices, you will always make your way to an ending where Zoe meets up with Jay years later, either in Canada or a prison. You are met with an important decision at that moment, to forgive him by saying, “I don’t hate you” or “You looked out for me,” or you can make him face facts with “Your family ruined my life.” Here is what happens with either situation.

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What happens when you forgive Jay in As Dusk Falls?

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If you choose to let Zoe say, “I don’t hate you,” to Jay, she will bring up the fact that he looked out for her during the hostage situation and forgive him. You can decide the reasons for making this decision, but in the end, Zoe will walk away with closure and less hate in her heart leading into the final closing moments of the game. Jay will either stay in Canada alone or be put to death by lethal injection if he is in prison.

What happens when you don’t forgive Jay in As Dusk Falls?

If you are in Canada and choose “Your family ruined my life” as Zoe, you will make Jay face the facts for his part in the hostage situation and everything that happened afterward. If Vince and/or Michelle died, she will talk about how that has affected her life as well as anyone else that died because of Jay’s actions. Jay then says if she wants to turn him in to go ahead, he will not run. You then are left with one final option: Turn him in, or forgive him.

If you turn him in, Jay goes to prison and is put on death row. You then have a chance to have Zoe watch him be executed or not. If you forgive him, you leave him alone in Canada, where he lives out the rest of his life alone.

If you make this choice in prison, Jay offers you the chance to watch him be executed or not. Either decision will end in him dying but also decide how Zoe looks at the world around her as she heads home.