Should you get Field Notes: Trick of the Light Community Day Special Research ticket in Pokémon Go?

Should you grab this Special Research ticket?

Image via Niantic

The Special Research ticket for the Litwick Community Day in Pokémon Go is now live. Field Notes: Trick of the Light ticket will provide multiple rewards and additional encounters featuring Litwick. These will go live alongside the Litwitch Community Day, but it is not free. It does cost money to buy this ticket. Should you get the Field Notes: Trick of the Light Community Day Special Research ticket in Pokémon Go?

Is Field Notes: Trick of the Light Special Research worth it in Pokémon Go?

It all comes down to what’s worth it for you. Many Pokémon Go fans are looking forward to the Litwick Community Day event because Litwick is one of the more difficult Ghost-type Pokémon to catch. It’s hard to find outside of events featuring this Pokémon, or it will appear as a one-star raid, or in its evolved form, Lampent, in three-star raids. However, because of the rarity of this Pokémon, the Special Research might be worth it to have more chances to encounter this Pokémon, to receive more Poké Balls and items to help catch it, or to have additional opportunities to encounter its shiny version.

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However, if players are looking to try and catch the perfect Litwick so they can evolve it into a Chandelure and teach it the exclusive attack, Poltergeist, we do not recommend it. Before the event officially went live, the datamining team at PokeMiners shared the stats for the attack, and they’re not looking suitable for Chandelure. Unfortunately, it’s a powerful attack that demands too much energy for Chandelure.

Chandelure is a Pokémon that doesn’t have enough defense to withstand an endurance battle. It’s an attacker. You want to use this Pokémon quickly before it perishes, and the best way to do this is with low-energy moves, which Poltergeist is not. It’s a charged attack that does 140 damage and requires 75 energy. It’s not worth it, and if you’re buying the Field Notes: Trick of the Light ticket because of that, we do not recommend it.

Regardless, the choice is up to you to buy it. The Special Research ticket is not required to participate in the event, but it does give you additional items and Litwitck encounters, giving you more chances to find the shiny version of Litwick.

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