Should you get Flash, Spark, and Gleam Special Research ticket in Pokémon Go?

Is it worth picking up this Special Research ticket for Shinx’s Community Day?

Image via Niantic

Shinx’s Community Day in Pokémon Go will be arriving on November 21, from 11 AM to 5 PM in your local area. During the event, Shinx will be appearing all over the wild, and you’ll have an increased chance to capture this Pokémon to add it to your collection. There’s also an increased chance of it being shiny, and when you evolve it into a Luxray, it will learn psychic fangs. For the event, you can also purchase a Special Research ticket. Should you get the Flash, Spark, and Gleam Special research ticket during the Community Day event?

When it comes to purchasing a Community Day ticket, it all comes down to if you want the Pokémon or not. The ticket comes with additional chances to earn valuable items that you can use during the event and additional encounters with the Pokémon. For Shinx, it’s a reasonably common Pokémon that has appeared in previous Pokémon Go events, and most players can find it in the wild.

For Shinx evolving into Luxray to learn psychic fangs, it does increase this Pokémon’s value in the Great League, but not by a massive amount. It’s still in the medium range when it comes to general Pokémon. We don’t recommend against it, but we’re not giving it a massive recommendation compared to the Pokémon already available in the Great League.

Because of this, we’d say getting the Flash, Spark, and Gleam Special Research ticket is not required to make the most of this Community Day. Shinx’s shiny version is a welcome addition to this event, but it’s not something we’re going to encourage you to purchase highly. Previous events, such as the Gibble Community Day, have felt much more worthwhile.