Should you let Regalla live or die in Horizon Forbidden West?

There is a better choice here.

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For a large majority of Horizon Forbidden West’s story, Regalla is one of the most significant antagonists that Aloy will encounter. She is leading a group of rebel Tenakth recruited by Sylens to take over the larger Tenakth communities. While that is the case, you will eventually have a fight with her in the story quest Wings of the Ten and have a choice if she lives or dies afterwards. Should you spare or kill Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West?

When your fight with Regalla ends, Aloy can choose between two dialogue options:

  • There’s another battle ahead
  • Your life ends here

While the choice doesn’t have much of an impact on the story overall, it will change up the final mission of the game and decide if you get a new weapon or not.

There’s another battle ahead

If you choose to spare Regalla’s life, Aloy will offer her a chance to have a better death in the final fight with the Zeniths. With this choice, Regalla will join Aloy’s group at the base and you can talk with her. When the final mission starts, she will fight alongside Zo as you make your way to the Zenith base, potentially making progressing in the early part of the quest easier, but we didn’t notice much of an impact. Very soon, though, a cutscene will play where she is surrounded by Specters and she will presumably die.

Your life ends here

If you decide to end Regalla’s life, Kotallo will stab her with his spear and she will die. Of course, she will not join your party and not have anything to do with the final mission. Choosing this will reward you with a purple tier weapon called Regalla’s Wrath. It is a sharpshot bow that has significant damage from over 30 meters away with additional perks for overdraw damage and reloading. This makes it easily one of the best long range weapons in all of Horizon Forbidden West.