Natah, Lotus, Margulis choices in Warframe’s New War – full guide

Choices, choices.

As players make their way through The New War in Warframe, they will discover some important choices that they need to make. In this guide, we will run through whether you should pick Natah, Lotus, or Margulis. This article will contain plenty of story spoilers, so be warned.

The important thing to know about this choice is that it has an Alignment impact. Players who have made it this far in the game should be aware of alignment. To quickly rehash it, making certain story decisions affects your overall alignment. You can be kind and hopeful, neutral, or a little more vengeful and realistic. The there states are shown as a white icon, a half white/half black icon, and an all black icon.

While the decision you make does matter for your overall alignment, it should be noted that alignment doesn’t have any actual impact on the game. It is really just a record of your choices over the course of the game.

You can also visit the Lotus Helmet in your quarters aboard the Orbiter at any time to change the appearance of the transmission from Natah/Lotus/Margulis. So, even if you make one choice for an alignment, you can still change the visuals of the character in the game to suit whatever you prefer. These cost 165 Platinum each, and you can select the Eidolon Lotus if you wish.