Should you reveal the light of heaven sword to Sull in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous?

A bright and shining beacon.

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When exploring the underground portion of the city following the demon attack in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, you’ll encounter Lann and Wenduag, mongrels who have been living underneath the city and appear to be mixtures between humans and monsters. They’re on the search for a sword of an angel, and if you grasp the sword and attune with it, you’ll reveal to them that you can control the light. However, Lann suggests bringing it back to show to their chief, Sull, and later Wenduag urges you not to show the light, wanting to protect her people. Should you show the light of heaven sword to Sull or say Lann was crazy?

When speaking with Sull, you’ll have the option to reveal the sword’s existence and that you can control it or say that Lann was crazy and you discovered no sword on your travels.

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The two final options in the dialogue will be where you can make your choice. If you choose to say that, “Lann speaks the truth” and reveal the blade to Sull, he will be mesmerized about the weapon but says that he will need to discuss this development with the other villages. They will ask you and your companions to rest before embarking on a hunt for the Maze. Wenduag will be furious about the decision, saying anyone who dies will be blood on your hands.

If you choose not to go with this option and say, “Lann is mistaken. We didn’t find the sword,” Lann will say that both you and Wenduag are lying to Sull. Lann will be angry and be saddened by the betrayal, but Wenduag assures you it was the lesser of two evils. Performing this action is a chaotic action and will affect your character.

Regardless of choice, you’ll have the chance to rest and remain in the village for a short time. If you choose to reveal the sword to Sull, you’ll be going down the Angel Mythic Path, a path that if you do not set up early in the game, you will not be able to explore later. If you don’t wish your character to delve into the Angel Mythic path, you’re better off choosing that Lann lied about the sword. While you might gain a few chaotic points for your character, you’ll have other dialogue opportunities to counterbalance this.