Should you roll on the Endeavor banner in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero?

The No. 2 hero is on the way.

Image via Sony Pictures

Endeavor is making his debut to My Hero Academia: The Strongest hero on June 16 until 29. His first banner, the No. 2 Hero, gives you an increased chance of potentially acquiring him and adding Endeavor to your roster. It’ll work just like the All Might event, where you’ll need to use event tickets to roll for Endeavor. While he will have an increased chance, will it be worth it?

We’re going to recommend that players roll for Endeavor and try to add him to their collection. He’s not going to be notably used too much in PvP as much as the other characters, but Endeavor thrives in the PvE arena. Endeavor is one of the best characters to use when playing throughout the campaign, completing missions alongside other players, and using him in Super Co-Op Battle. With Endeavor being one of the better PvE heroes in the game, you’ll be able to fight on some of the more difficult operations and floors in the game, enhancing other characters.

The Endeavor banner event will be much like All Might’s, which means the pity pull limit is scaled to 100. While a majority of most players won’t have to wait until their 100th pull to receive Endeavor, there’s a chance of it happening. Regardless of this, it’s better to try for him in the first place, especially if you’ve been saving up Hero Coins to purchase more event tickets from the store. On top of that, the developers of My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero have been listening to player feedback and plan to increase the number of hero coins and stamina available to everyone. Now is a good time to try for an S-ranked hero while these bonuses are being handed out.

You only have until June 29 to try for Endeavor. After that, we’ll have to wait for another event for him to appear.