Should you save or kill Shiala in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

The ripple effect.

Image via BioWare

When you defeat the Thorian that was hiding underneath Zhu’s Hope on Feros, and free the colonists from its influence in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you speak with Shiala, an Asari who was under the Thorian’s control. She was being cloned by the Thorian to fight you, and when she shares information with you she reveals she had been working with Matriarch Benezia. It’s up to you to decide her fate. Should you let Shiala redeem herself at Zhu’s Hope, or kill her?

Saving Shiala

If you choose to save Shiala, she agrees to remain at Zhu’s Hope and put the colony back together. For the rest of Mass Effect, you won’t see her again. However, she returns in Mass Effect 2 when you’re visiting a world, and she’s there to receive help and asks for you to assist her. Later, in Mass Effect 3, if she’s alive and you saved Zhu’s Hope, you receive a small war effort bonus against the Reapers.

This is also the Paragon choice.

Killing Shiala

Should you choose to end Shiala there, Shepard eliminates her, and she will not help Zhu’s Hope. This does count against saving Zhu’s Hope, but if you did everything else, such as the side quests, save the colonists, and convinced Jeong to finance the colony, you should be fine. When you would have met her in Mass Effect 2, it’s a random colonist you do not know, and it will be the same mission. If Zhu’s Hope is saved, you’ll receive that small war effort bonus in Mass Effect 3.

This is the Renegade option.