Should you set the timer to 20 or 30 minutes in Final Fantasy VII Remake

How long do you need to escape?


Screengrab via Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake puts an incredible spin on the original game, upping the action while trying to stay true to the game that set the world on fire in the 90s. In the Mako Reactor mission, you will be trying to fight your way to the Mako Reactor to sabotage it. When you finally get there, you will need to plant a bomb and will have the option to set the timer to 20 or 30 minutes.

The important thing to know about this portion of the game is that you will have to fight the Scorpion Sentinel after you plant the bomb. The Scorpion Sentinel is a very tanky enemy, and the fight will take a while. The good news is that the timer doesn’t start until after the boss fight is over, so there is no need to feel rushed, and you can take your time to ensure you avoid making mistakes in the fight.

If you set the timer to 20 minutes, Barrett will tell you that you are being cocky, and if you set the timer to 30 minutes, he will make fun of you for needing so long. There is no way to win with Barrett at this point in the game, so just let him talk his trash and pick the amount of time that suits you.

It doesn’t take very long to escape from the Reactor, and should only take five minutes or so. Twenty minutes should be more than enough time to make your escape when the boss fight is complete.

If you don’t make it out in time, the explosion is going to take out your squad, so make sure you hustle after finishing off the Scorpion Sentinel.