Should you side with Sebastian or Ominis during In The Shadow of Time in Hogwarts Legacy?

Who’s side do you want to take?

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While working through In The Shadow of Time quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll need to make a choice of siding with Sebastian or Ominis. Although Sebastian has good intentions, he’s attempting to use a dark relic to give his sister health, and Ominis wants him to stop walking down this path and followed you here. You can choose to aid Sebastian, or you can help Ominis. Should you side with Sebastian or Ominis during In The Shadow of Time in Hogwarts Legacy?

What happens when you side with Sebastian?

This is the quickest route you can take in this quest. When speaking with Ominis, you can choose to immediately say you agree with Sebastian, and that you cannot side with Ominis. Upon doing so, Ominis will say that his mind has been made up, and he’s willing to sacrifice his friendship for this. Your character will then suggest to use the Imperio curse on himself, and you can choose to not use that idea, or you can say that’s exactly what you want to do.

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If you choose to go with never mind, Ominis agrees to let you and Sebastian leave so long as he does not pursue the dark arts any further. However, if you choose to continue suggesting the Imperio curse, your character takes all the responsibility to help the situation. Ominis does not agree with this, and believes it to be insanity. However, he agrees, and your character learns the Imperio curse, saving Ominis’ friendship with Sebastian.

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What happens when you side with Ominis?

The other option is for you to side with Ominis, agreeing that Sebastian has gone too far with the Dark Arts, and wants to leave with the relic. However, your character believes that Sebastian won’t be able to leave without the relic. Ominis will agree, and Sebastian is only allowed to leave so long as he cannot pursue other Dark avenues.

Siding with Ominis is similar to one of the other choices you can make when attempting to side with Sebastian. All of these options do have your character and Sebastian leaving with the relic, but the one where you choose to use the Imperio curse on Ominis teaches your character the spell if you didn’t already learn it.