Should you wait an hour for Douglas in High on Life? Answered

Don’t go through with this.

Image via Squanch Games

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When it comes to meta and commentary jokes, Justin Roiland’s works have some of the hardest hitting swings. High on Life is no different, with a lot of the randomness you would expect to see in an episode of Rick and Morty appearing as you go through this adventure. When chasing down a bounty named Douglas, you are asked to test your patience by waiting an hour in real-time. Should you go through with this?

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What happens when you wait an hour for Douglas in High on Life?

We highly do not recommend waiting the full hour for Douglas in High on Life. Go through the normal process of finding your way out of the room. If you decide to sit there for a full hour, all that happens is that you are mocked for being so patient and don’t receive anything. There is no achievement, alternate paths, funny lines, or anything that gets brought up during this time. It is simply meant to waste your time, so don’t do it unless you want to walk away or look at your phone for an hour.

If you actually decide to wait that hour, Douglas returns on the screen and opens the door, only for it to break, and then he asks you to wait a week until the door is fixed. Obviously, we don’t recommend doing that either.

There are some cases where video games will hide interesting bits if you just wait and stare at certain points. The Far Cry series is well known for this, working in secret endings that can bring up the credits after a short time in the game. Unfortunately, there is nothing of that nature here in High on Life; it is just Justin Roiland looking to have a laugh at your expense.