Sifu: All Shrine locations in The Tower

Some of these Shrines are hidden deep underground.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Sifu’s Shrines offer a variety of benefits consisting primarily of passive buffs. You’ll want to accumulate as many of these buffs as possible to boost your chance of survival on your quest for vengeance.

The Tower’s Shrines are fairly spread out, but luckily, none of them are too hard to find. Upon finding them, we recommend choosing either the Structure or Focus boosts offered by the Shrines, both of which will come in handy while facing off against the level’s boss, Jinfeng. Here’s where you can find every Shrine in The Tower.

Shrine #1: In a hallway

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While proceeding through the level’s main path, you’ll eventually arrive in a room with a wall of screens. Go down the stairs to the right of where you entered the room, and you’ll enter a hallway. At the end of this hallway will be a group of four reasonably-tough enemies that you’ll have to defeat.

After you beat them, you’ll only be able to exit through one door. Head through this door, which leads to a set of stairs, and you’ll end up in another hallway. The Shrine will be at the end of this hallway.

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Shrine #2: Guarded by a single enemy

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Later in the level, you’ll end up underground. As you progress through the main path, you’ll drop down into an area featuring multiple desks, lamps, posters, and a single enemy, who is standing right in front of the Shrine. Defeat this enemy, and you’ll be able to grab the Shrine.

Shrine #3: On the last platform before the boss

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The final section of The Tower prior to its boss fight requires you to drop down onto various platforms, before dropping into the dark abyss to take on Jinfeng. The Shrine is located on the last platform you’ll land on. You’ll know you’ve reached this platform when the main characters comments “There’s no other way, this must be it.”