How to fight Jörmungandr during the Nightmare in the Chapel Conquest Event in SINoALICE

The world serpent is back, but this time he isn’t your friend.


A new conquest event is coming to SINoALICE from July 8 to 22: Nightmare in the Chapel. Conquest events are one of several types of events that you can take part in. They vary in design but are intended to be a challenge for experienced players with high power values and heavily upgraded weapons. If you’re setting out to take down this nightmare, you’re going to want to make sure you’re prepared. To flesh out your arsenal, purchase the starter packs from the shop menu (under items), and team up with friends if possible.

Who is the nightmare in the chapel?

The boss of the Nightmare in the Chapel event is the famous world serpent from Norse mythology, Jörmungandr. This tough snake-type nightmare has three different modes you will want to approach differently.

  • Mode 1: Jörmungandr will attack at a slow rate but with devastating AOE attacks that that will hit all allies with physical damage.
  • Mode 2: Jörmungandr will move fast and will be able to increase his attack through buffing skills.
  • Mode 3: Jörmungandr will act similarly to mode 2, but will be able to increase both his attack and his health.

Jörmungandr uses water attacks so hit him with wind-elemental weapons. For this specific event, using any Snow White character will also give you a stat boost, since Jörmungandr will appear in an event-specific version of Snow White’s story path. The Snow White/Crusher obtainable through the Hammer of Justice Grimoire should be especially useful.

When taking part in the Nightmare in the Chapel event you cannot use continues. However, if you do defeat Jörmungandr, you’ll have a chance to earn him as a nightmare you can summon yourself. His stats are as follows:

Physical attack519
Magical attack515
Physical defense523
Magical defense521

Summoning him in the story will let you use the Dark Tsunami skill, which significantly increases water damage. His Colosseum skill is Uplifting Chant, which significantly increases the rate for which any ally’s support skill will activate. Jörmungandr is an SR ranked nightmare and his drop rates are:

  • Verse 1 (normal): 1%
  • Verse 2 (normal): 2%
  • Verse 3 (normal): 3%

It might take a lot of grinding to actually get Jörmungandr, but if you come with your best gear, wind-elemental weapons, and your pals, you should be able to best him in no time. If for some reason you aren’t able to clear the event, it is possible it will recur at a future date.