Skyrim: Fortify Enchanting perks and ingredients

Boost your weapons with the Fortify Enchanting effect.

When going through the world of Skyrim and learning how to live up to the name of Dragonborn, you are going to want to learn how to enchant.

Enchanting is the process of adding magical enhancements to your weapons, armor, or items. It pretty much allows you to buff yourself as needed and can be an incredibly useful tool to have in the game.

You can bolster your enchanting with the Fortify Enchanting effect, something found in multiple alchemical ingredients, and even boost this with the proper perks as well.


There are three perks that you can get that will help with Fortify Enchanting:

Alchemist (5 ranks) – Allows created potions to be up to 100% stronger.
Benefactor – Potions you mix with beneficial effects have an additional 25% greater magnitude.
Necromage – If the Dragonborn is a vampire; potions count as a spell cast on self. The Fortify Enchanting strength will be 25% greater.


But you can’t get the benefits of these perks and boosts if you don’t have the proper ingredients to make potions with the Fortify Enchanting effect.

So be sure to use one of the ingredients below:

  • Ancestor Moth Wing
  • Blue Butterfly Wing
  • Chaurus Hunter Antennae
  • Hagraven Claw
  • Snowberries
  • Spawn Ash
  • Spriggan Sap

Further, if you use Fortify Enchanting and enchant an item that has the Fortify Alchemy stats, then that will also be boosted, meaning you can create even better enchantments next.