What could be in tomorrow’s Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct?


A brand new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate-themed Nintendo Direct was announced at Evo over the weekend and is scheduled to begin tomorrow, Aug. 8.

It goes without saying that fans are eager to see what Nintendo has in store, though Nintendo hasn’t revealed any details on the presentation. That won’t stop anyone from speculating. Here are a few of our own spitballs on what could be just around corner.


We already know that Nintendo plans to make amiibo for the returning and new characters coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate, especially for those who didn’t get an amiibo for the Wii U version of Smash.

We’ve seen Ridley, Inkling, and Wolf’s amiibo, with a release date of Dec.7. Characters like Snake were absent from the ring when amiibos began coming out, it’s possible Nintendo could expand the series, though this wouldn’t be the sexiest news to come out of an anticipated keynote.


We’ve seen stages, plenty of characters, and even Bomberman’s assist trophy. One thing we haven’t seen much from Smash Bros. Ultimate since its reveal in July are modes.

It’s likely Nintendo will use tomorrow’s Direct to show off more about the modes.While the four-person blitz will always be the most popular way to play, Smash games usually throw in new modes. The 3DS had the stat-boost race Smash Run, the Wii U had the board game styled Smash Tour, and the Wii had the infamous story campaign The Subspace Emissary.

Of course a new mode could be revealed tomorrow, but with Ultimate‘s theme of returning favorites, there’s a chance some of these previous modes will be dusted off.

A new character

Of course, there’s one thing that people want to see more than anything. While they’ve warned fans not to expect too many new faces, Nintendo could potentially show off a new character during the Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo noted that the game would include 66 characters at launch but have only shown off 65 at this time. Nintendo’s got an ace in their pocket, it’s up to them on when to use it. Ridley, the newest addition, was one of the most requested characters. With a dwindling barrel of first-party characters (King K. Rool, Geno and that Jon Lovitz-looking dog from Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball being some of the few left), many fans are expecting the unexpected.

An online beta

Nintendo has only recently gotten into the habits of public betas in recent history, biggest being Splatoon 2, but an opportunity to get in on Smash early would throw fans into a spiral.

Nintendo could drop a beta test for the game as a free download before the release. The 3DS version got an early demo ahead of its release, but featured a very conservative character and stage roster. Ultimate’s theme of bulk-order Smash might be more generous.