Clearing The Way | Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough

 Clearing The Way | Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough

PS4 exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man brings back the action of most popular, crazy yet friendly superhero on this planet The Spiderman. After a very short cutscene, you will dive into the chaotic modern-day New York. The first mission Clearing The Way is all about helping the police in taking down Fisk’s men at the Fisk Tower. You will learn all basic controls of swinging in the air, diving at high speed, hitting with the web, etc.

Clearing The Way Walkthrough

Clearing The Way Walkthrough

Spiderman gets an update about issues at Fisk Tower. Initial missions you will play are mostly tutorials about Spiderman’s action movements. Follow the onscreen instructions for controlling Spiderman. Same are listed below.

Swing Controls:

  • R2 – Swing & Detach. (Press the button to release spider-web as you spot a white circle and press it again to detach.)
  • X – While holding R2 press X to jump and gain speed.
  • X – Web Zip. It is great for maintaining altitude and turning quickly while in the air.

Clearing the Way:

After getting a call from Yuri, she will tell Spiderman about the issue, you will get your first objective here. There will be another call from Work, this will be your next objective. Follow the marker and ahead you will spot some armed men sent by Fisk shooting on the police. Here you will learn about combat. On the left top, you will see the Health Bar for the first time.

Combat Controls:

  • Triangle – Web Strike.
  • Circle + L – Dodge to the side.
  • R1 – Throw Web on enemies and block their movement.
  • Square – Air Launch. Press the key multiple times for Air Combo.
  • Square + X – Press the keys near an enemy for Leap Off Move.
  • Press Down Arrow – Use Focus to heal.
  • L2 + R2 – Zip To Point move. Press Square to attack.
  • Hold L – Towards the wall to Wall Crawl.
  • Hold R2 – Wall Run.

You will also learn about Spider-Sense it will warn you about the incoming attack, whenever you spot the sense on your head just be ready to Dodge. The movements are simple here, you can unleash some powerful kicks and punches and take down the enemies. Another wave of Fisk’s men will attack you this time they will shoot you. Press the Circle key + L to dodge the bullets. Hit R1 multiple times to release the web that will block enemies movement. You have to keep shooting until they stick to some object or else they will break the web. Air Launch is a finisher move, once you hit the enemy hard enough you can release a strong uppercut to launch the enemy in the air by hitting Square. Look on the left corner for Web Shooter bar, it will empty once you use it, but refills back automatically after some seconds. This means this attack style has a cool down time.

Clear The Atrium:

Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough

After defeating all the men on the road, go towards the blast side. The next location is the Fisk Tower. In the cutscene, you will see a heavy arm fight between the police and Fisk’s men. Once the cutscene is over you will be inside with lots of armed men. You have to clear the path to police and this is the beginning of a long fight. You can use X to jump in the air and then press R2 to swing around to take down the targets. Next, on the left top below the health bar, you will see a small Focus bar. You will build up this one as you attack the enemy and your damage increases one this bar is full. The fastest way to fill your the Focus bar is using Combo’s and you will also earn some bonus Focus while using it during the Air Combat. You can use the Focus to refill your health bar. That makes it very important in tough combats. You can also use the web to pull out any objects around and throw them with the enemy. If you use the objects within one or two hits the enemy is down.

You will spend a good time fighting off the enemies in the entrance first, your next place is the lobby. Press L2 + R2 to perform a Zip To Point move where you will pick one target and then press Square to attack. After dealing with a few men in the lobby you will pass through the broken lift. Walk ahead and hold L to wall crawl. Go up and crawl through the vent.

This will trigger the next mission where you have to clear the area occupied by Fisk’s men. You can read our walkthrough on the next main mission – The Main Event. For more similar guides, tips and tricks on the game you can also check our Marvel’s Spider-Man Wiki Guide.