Splatoon 2: Beginners Tips And Tricks [Updated]

Splatoon 2 Update

Splatoon 2 has made the world go crazy, as it is a new Switch exclusive title came after a time and loved by players who love to splash ink around the screen. Though the game is simple to play but has some complicated stuff for collectibles and the War scene. All you need to do is ink the majority of the part in the map with your colored ink and the team with most part covered is a winner. So we bring you some starting tips that will help you to learn a lot about the game. Without wasting any more time let’s start with Inking.

Splatoon 2 Beginners Tips

Tips and tricks for Splatoon 2

First Play The Campaign Mode:

This mode will teach you how the game works. If you plan to jump straight into Turf War, which is the multiplayer mode, it might be a bit difficult as many pro players would be there and you would be their golden egg.

By playing the Campaign mode you will also know which weapons are best to use. As you progress in the game the difficulty for the level will also increase, helping you to know how the multiplayer will be. Get to know the campaign perfectly, right from the starting time when you enter the arena till you learn about all platforms.

Mod The Weapon:

Different maps have got different things and different level of difficulties like the walls, columns and much more. So out here choosing the right weapon and modifying it will also play an important role in the game. You will learn this in campaign mode.

Consider The Area:

Don’t underestimate the amount of area uncovered by your team. As this game is all about the amount of space covered by you. So make at least one player stay back and cover the majority of the area near the spawn point and then charge to the center for a head to head battle. Try to cover their part as well with your color. Concentrating only on the fight will not let you win the battle. Instead, work for covering the max area with your ink color.

Right Time To Use Special Weapon:

All the weapons you carry with you in battle have a special power. This can be activated by completely filling the power meter. Keep in mind that if you die before using your power then you will be losing a certain amount of meter level. And you will have to work on it all again. So it’s better to use the weapons when you have a full meter and you are ambushed by opponent team. Charge an attack on to the opponent and cover a larger area with your color. Don’t be in a hurry to use your special weapon. The most useful time to use it is when you are in a battle so do save it and keep it for a battle time.

The Inklings:

You can easily switch from a “KID” form to a “Squid” one. But for this, you will have to splash ink all over the map, as this will help you to move easily around a larger in the map. Entering the squid mode while in a battle is also useful, as the opponent will take some time to spot you and that is enough to escape. Do remember to refill your ink tank when it is almost half. It can be clearly visible at the back of our inklings. And an alert also pops up when the ink is too low. Simply get into your colored ink as a squid and swim to refill your tank.

Battle in Duos:

It is easy to die if you are all alone, so count this as your plus point and attack in Duos. This will have a heavy impact if you find a single opponent. Splashing more ink will make the player die fast and you will have the chance to cover a majority of the area and that too quickly. If by any means you are in an attack by a Duo, then try to retreat yourself to a new place and then try to attack them. Because backing off is better than dying.

Understanding The Gear:

Gears in Splatoon 2 are not just for show, they have some extra abilities. These abilities are the idea for the multiplayer purpose. Using the right headgear, shoes and shirts will have an impact on the weapons which are been used. This might give you an extra link or a better special ability. You can even purchase some treats, which will unlock some extra abilities for a specific period of time.

Clothes Are Not Just Fashion:

The Clothes in Splatoon are not just for customization of making a character look different. Each cloth has its own identity and power. Similar to the gears, clothes will give you some additional abilities that can help you in the game.

Let’s Block:

The most awesome and fun loving trick is to block opponents. Try to cover the area of their territory, which will force them to bet back and color their area. Allowing you to cover the major area and blocking them to a corner, forcing them to stay there. If you are stuck in a battle then let the other teammates sneak behind them and cover the majority of the area with your color.

Importance of Salmon Run:

Salmon Run is another mode in Splatoon 2 which can be played whenever it is available. Playing the Salmon Run will give you more special currency which is very useful for buying bonus gears. Playing this mode will also let you quickly upgrade the clothes. But the only thing is that it is only available to play online and limited to specific dates and time. Keep a constant look for it. Use it whenever it appears.

No Vertical Things Counted:

Splatoon 2 purely determines it a winner on a flat basis of covered ink portion. So any other vertical walls or sides of boxes won’t be counted in the final result. So it is a complete waste of time if you think this will be counted in the final result and you might win, then sorry to say NO, you won’t. Paint the vertical things only when you need it the most to climb up.

All About The Abilities:

There are a lot of abilities in Splatoon 2. These abilities can be used in the battle. It can make you more powerful if you triggered it at the right time. There are regular and special abilities in the game. These are linked with the gears you use.

Let’s Understand The Kill:

Killing the opponent is also important, don’t completely ignore this. If you are away from your foe then deliberately hitting into them without covering the area is not a good idea. Try to cover the area first and then get to them. And always try to hit the foe who is into a direct head to head fight.

Splatoon “Booyah!” Or “Ouch” Command:

There are two commands that are linked to the D-pad you can simply use, you can use the Ouch command to simply inform other teammates about an opponent location, or when you die. This will alert them and they can take necessary steps at that point.

Practicing Maps Before Ranked Battle:

Splatoon 2 gives you an option where you can practice on the map in Ranked battle before entering. You can understand the maps and major locations and then you will be more confident. For practicing go in Ranked Battle Mode and hit Y. Choose the map you want to try out.

How To Play Only With Your Friends:

Splatoon 2 follows a random match making process where it picks the players according to the level. But there is ways by which you can play with your friends you need a full team for that. You can create your Private Lobby, and invite 8 People. Go in Online Lounge, and Sync it with Nintendo Online App. You can either ask your friend to Join your Lobby or you can Join theirs.

Splash More Ink In Turf War Instead Of Combat:

When you are playing Turn War it is best to cover as much area with ink, instead of one on one combat with an opponent. Counter attack only when you are spot and attacked, instead try to spread ink as much as possible. This will give you an edge and you won’t have worry about the time limit. There are many corners and platforms above ground, which are mostly ignored, you can splat on them first and then go the bigger grounding areas. One more strategy that works well is to ink the middle of the map first and let a few of your team members to cover the corners. Avoid all to work in one place.

Don’t Just Pick Weapons, Choose Them:

Splatoon 2 gives you a wide range of weapons with their own unique way of attack. So choose them properly. For example, if you are in a close range battle, where the map is short then use Close-Range weapons. In the same way for larger maps, there are mid and long range weapons. One thing you can try is instead of shooting on the ground, shoot in the air, so that ink can splat down and cover a bigger area. If you have a close range weapon in a big map, you will have to run a lot. So do ensure the weapon you are picking up is comfortable and helpful according to the battle.

Where To Get Hero & Special Weapons:

Other than regular weapons in the game, there are Hero and Special Weapons. You can simply get the Hero weapons by playing the campaign. You can read our guides on both to find how to get these and what abilities do they offer. Click on the links above.

Always Use Different Routes:

Do not follow one single route that will make you easily visible. Try different routes instead, for example when you are approaching opponent’s area, use a different route and remember them as an escape point. When you low on health, you can use that instantly to run away and then attack back.

How To Increase Slots:

Meet Murch, a one-eyed creature who sits at the right side of Multiplayer lobby. You can collect the orders you had made from Nintendo Switch Online Mobile App. you can verify the order status here or modify the abilities of any gear. If you want to scrub ability slot then you will need to pay 20,000 coins for each. For adding ability slots you will need to reach Level 20 first.

Use Super Jump Wisely:

Do not use Super Jump to land into opponent’s area, instead keep it as your escape card. When you feel you are surrounded, then try using that to run away. Or try to land into the place where you have more of your ink color. It is good on large maps.

The Freshness Meter:

Splatoon 2 has freshness the meter that is visible in the lobby. The meter drops when you lose a match and rise when you win. The more it goes high, the more chances you can earn big EXP bonus in the game. So do keep a watch on this.

Control Music and Play DJ:

Go to Lobby and then press the D-pad first. Then use the direction buttons and move the Analogue stick to simply play with some lobby music. When you are in Menu you can press the buttons on Switch to play with the music in Splatoon 2.

I Want More Tickets To Eat At Crusty Sean’s Food Truck:

Food Tickets will let you buy some delicious food at Crusty Sean’s Food Truck. The foods will also boost some of your abilities. You can find them in Story Mode and in Salmon Run. It wills popup as a reward and you can run through it to pick them.

How To Deal With Quitters:

This is pretty common with new comers, who quit the game in between if they are failing thus spoiling others fun. It will frustrate players with higher level, as people quiet and your team size gets small compared to opponent’s team. Now there is a way you can deal with it if you are finding that a lot of people are just quitting up the game. Do this only if you find that players are doing this intentionally. You can go in a Friend List in the game and look for Add Friend. Now search for the users you had played a game and select it. Then choose “Block”. Now next time whenever you are in matchmaking this player won’t appear for you.

Post Pictures:

Go in Plaza and look for Sheldon Shop, just next to that you will find a mailbox. Interact with the same and you will get an option to draw the picture. Link your Twitter/FB account to post the picture.

Splatoon 2 also has certain collectibles like Sunken Scrolls and Sardinium in the game that will help you to purchase and upgrade weapons in the game. That’s all, these are the tips that will really help you in the game. If you have more tips do share in the comments section below.