Splitting the Loot case guide – Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

All this fighting over some loot.

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There have been not one, not two, but three men killed in a fight over some loot from a recent bank robbery. The men didn’t feel like sharing with one another. It is now up to you to solve the crime. You obtain this case after completing The Collie Shangles case. Head to the Cordona Police Station and grab it off the case board.

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Report No. 18-07 tells you that the gunfight happened in a backyard in the northern end of Silverton. Specifically, it states that it occurred on Engineers Ln between Ebernote St and Coalpit St. Check the map above for the location you must travel to.

Once you arrive on the scene, you will see a police officer standing guard. Starting with the first clue, look for the following six items scattered about the backyard.

  • Some abandoned loot and a broken alcohol bottle by the toppled bench.
  • Bullet holes and blood on the cart in the back.
  • A throwing knife next to the door by the cart.
  • A shotgun with expended shells next to the tree and a throwing knife in the tree.
  • A new Colt and a pair of broken glasses by the log.
  • Bullet holes in the log.
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After discovering all of the clues, you will be able to start the reconstruction of events by interacting with the glowing white orb. Starting at the cart and going clockwise, here is how the events should be placed.

  • Cart: Place the image of the man wearing the hat.
  • Door: Place the image of the man wearing the hat.
  • Tree: Place the image of the man who is not wearing glasses or a hat.
  • Log: Place the image of the man wearing glasses.

The reconstruction of events is complete, but there is a missing piece. It’s time to find it.

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Use your concentration ability in the area where the man died from a point-blank shot to the heart to discover a police officer’s footprint. Return to the police station and report the news to the officer at the desk. The case is now closed.