Spookiest Pokemon to Shiny Hunt for Halloween

Build a Halloween-themed Pokemon team this season by Shiny Hunting these spooky variants in Pokemon Go and Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Halloween Cover

Image via The Pokemon Company

Nothing says Halloween quite like searching for some exciting treats. In the world of Pokemon, we usually see themed events where a variety of creatures dress up in costumes, and we love to catch them all. That said, special Halloween costumed creatures aren’t the only ones you can catch to get into the spirit of the season.

Ghost, Dark, and Poison type Pokemon pretty much bring the spooky vibes all year round, and October is really their time to shine. If you want to extend your Halloween hunting all month long, why not try searching for Shiny versions of these spooky Pokemon to create a terrifying team?

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Shiny Spinarak

Shiny Spinarak Halloween
Image via The Pokemon Company

So many of us decorate with fake spiderwebs for the scary haunted house vibes, and Shiny Spinorak understood its assignment. The Shiny version of this bug and poison type Pokemon is a delightful purple and blue combo that just screams Halloween.

It can be found in the wild through encounters in Pokemon Go, and you can catch it in Scarlet & Violet as well if you have the Teal Mask DLC. Spinarak’s evolution, Ariados, also has a purple tint to its Shiny form that makes a perfect addition to your Pokemon team of terror.

Shiny Tentacool

Shiny Tentacool Image
Image via The Pokemon Company

Shiny Tentacool is basically wearing its Halloween best with its purple body and poison green accents, a perfect fit for the poison type Pokemon.

You can encounter Shiny Tentacool in the wild in Pokemon Go, particularly near rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water where water-type creatures are more common. Sadly, you can’t yet catch Tentacool in Scarlet & Violet, so you’ll have to make do with other spooky Pokemon if that’s your game of choice.

Shiny Umbreon

Shiny Umbreon Image
Image via The Pokemon Company

Umbreon has bringing the spooky vibes for years with its whole “evolve Eevee at night” vibe. But somehow, the Shiny version of this Pokemon feels even more on theme with the blue colors of its markings.

To get Shiny Umbreon in Pokemon Go, you’ll first need to catch a Shiny Eevee. Then, evolve that Shiny Eevee into Umbreon. You can do this by making Eevee your buddy in the game, then walking at least 10km. Once you’ve explored with your buddy, evolve it at night. You can also use the “name trick” to get Umbreon, by nicknaming your shiny Eevee “Tamao” before evolving it.

In Scarlet & Violet, you can actually encounter Shiny Umbreon in the wild in Area Six. Or, you can evolve a Shiny Eevee by raising your buddy level with it, then having it evolve at night.

Shiny Cubone

Shiny Cubone Image
Image via The Pokemon Company

Remember the scary music and overall vibes of the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town? Well, we certainly do, and that alone would be enough to earn Cubone a spot on this list. It’s got a sad and slightly creepy backstory, and the Shiny version steps it up a notch. Shiny Cubone’s greenish-black body adds an extra layer of spook to the fact that its already wearing a skull as a hat.

In Pokemon Go, you can encounter Shiny Cubone in the wild and through field encounters during Adventures Abound. Cubone and its evolution, Marowak, aren’t yet available in Scarlet & Violet, so we have to hope we’ll see it in an upcoming DLC.

Shiny Yamask

Shiny Yamask Image
Image via The Pokemon Company

Masks are another prominent feature of Halloween, and this masked Pokemon is frankly pretty creepy even in its non-Shiny iteration. Add in that purple tint to its body and make the normally gold mask moonlight silver, and you’ve got quite the spooky addition to your team.

This Ghost Pokemon is another that you can’t catch in Scarlet & Violet (at least, not yet), but you can encounter it in Pokemon Go through Field Research during Adventures Abound season through the end of the year.

Shiny Litwick

Shiny Litwick image
Image via The Pokemon Company

Fire type Litwick is basically a candle with an emo haircut, and that earns it a spot in any Halloween team. The Shiny version has a lighter-colored flame and glowing green eyes. Litwick’s evolutions increase the spooky vibes, as they are increasingly elaborate candelabras that look like they belong in a haunted mansion. Shiny Chandelure in particular looks like a pumpkin that got turned into a light fixture, which is perfectly on theme.

Shiny Litwick can be found in the wild in Pokemon Go and has been known to feature as a Research encounter during themed Halloween events. This Pokemon was recently added to Scarlet & Violet through the Teal Mask DLC, and yes, that includes the Shiny version.

If you can’t wait for Halloween festivities to get underway or you just love a good spooky vibe any time of the year, these Pokemon are great ones to add to your Pokedex this October.