Missing gems in the Metalhead level? Check out these secret areas | Spyro Reignited Trilogy

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Metalhead is one of the more annoying bosses in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy—but we aren’t here to talk about him. We are here to help you find those illusive gems.

There are four areas that are worth looking out for any potential gems you could have missed out on while trying to get the trophy or achievement. To help in your search we have listed a few of those areas down below and made a video to help you in your search for them all.

The first area you should check out is the one that everyone seems to miss. Climb up the stairs in the starting area and jump behind the orange enemy to drop onto a platform near the green toxic lake, you can then glide through an area near the bars. (Use video above for reference) There should also be a key to unlock the locked chest in the later area, so be sure to grab that.

After you are done with this area, a blue whirlwind will be your main exit point and will also let you get the chests on top of the starting area platforms that were out of reach before.

Your next area to check out that a lot of people pass by is the hidden stairwell just after the first Metalhead phase, where enemies were dropping down to be thrown from. There is a few chests there and they are easy to pass if you are just trying to speedrun through the level.

Last, but not least, before the second and final Metalhead phase, there is a bunch of platforms to your left-hand side that takes you behind a secret waterfall area.

The rest of the gems you are after are pretty much in plain sight. Just remember to kill every enemy if you are missing that final couple of gems and scout around the map for any potential chests you might have missed.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy Missing Gems In Metalhead Level