Battlefront 2 Felucia Update Preview


While Battlefront 2 had one of the rockest starts to a Star Wars game, Dice is looking to try and bring it back around. It’s doing an excellent job of it, too with the development team adding the iconic, fungal world of Felucia to the game, along with a new Co-Op mode. Additionally, the Republic forces are going to get a new unit, the Republic Commando, seen form the Republic Commando games and the books. Here’s a brief look at the world Felucia and the Capital Supremacy mode taking place on the map.

Preview of Felucia for Star Wars Battlefront 2

Capital Supremacy Mode

The planet is going to feature the latest game mode to come to Star Wars Battlefront 2, Capital Supremacy mode. Old school fans of the original Battlefront games are going to recognize this as the original game mode many Star Wars Battlefront fans grew up with. You’re going to have two teams facing off on a planet, attempting to capture control points spread out throughout a large environment. The first to gain the set amount of points, or the most when time runs out, wins. However, Battlefront 2 took it up a notch by adding the winners of the point capture portion get to invade the losing side’s capital ship and attempt to blow it up.

We have a brief look at the various control points showing up on Felucia. Each has an origin from multiple points in Star Wars’ lore, spanning the movies, to the television shows.

Felucia Control Points

Command Post Village

The locals of the planet did their best not to take too much away from the planet’s natural, fungal beauty. To do so, they created their villages higher up on the ground, and one of the mode’s control points is nearby. Those defending the control point are going to rely on the village’s higher ground to adequately protect it, while those attacking it may need to find an alternative route to flank the defenders.

Command Post Sarlacc

The Sarlacc was first seen on screen in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. But the Sarlacc is not a creature exclusive to Tatooine. One is on Felucia, which initially showed up in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. However, unlike the one on Tatooine, to one Felucia has passed away. The command point at this position on a structure overlooking the deceased creature, likely used to study it while it was alive.

Command Post Farm

Fans of the Star Wars: Clone Wars television show are going to remember the time Anakin, Obi-wan, Ashoka, and a group of Bounty Hunters defended the Felucian villagers against a pirate group. Now, you can explore one of these farms in Battlefront 2, but you don’t want to look around too much. The control point at this location is an open space, with only a handful of sites to use for cover.

Command Post Caves

While the Felucian caves are a new location to explore, they hint at rancors who once lived here, which were seen in Star Wars: Force Unleashed. Despite the dwelling being home for rancor, there are narrow passages all over the place, meaning players have to rely on close-quarters combat. Keeping tight formation may not suit you best. But you’re going to want to watch over the control point with a turret or someone with a large, area of effect weapon.

Command Post Swamp

The final command post on Felucia is in the swamp location. Initially, there was a great deal of open space and areas for a person to travel around, much like the Farms. However, Republic forces have used it as a staging area and have landed various crates, ships, and equipment all over the place. Many are going to use these discarded pieces for cover as they defend the area.

Felucia Release Date

While the map has not released yet, we’re nearly there. You can expect to try your hand on the location on Sept. 25. We’re going to receive patch notes for the game sometime early next week, likely before the update comes to the game. Not only are players going to receive a brand new map, but the Republic Commando unit and Co-Op are going to drop with it.

Strap in, Star Wars, Battlefront 2 is trying to make a comeback. And fans of the game believe it’s working.