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Stardew Valley-All Confirmed Recipes in the Official Cookbook & Ones We Need to See

Stardew Valley gave fans a sneak preview of recipes from the upcoming Official Cookbook and there are several more we want to see

Like any good cozy game, Stardew Valley has a whole host of recipes that players can learn to make using ingredients gathered on their farm and in their adventures. Soon, we’ll be able to try out some of those recipes in real life thanks to the official Stardew Valley cookbook, which is coming in Spring 2024.

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Stardew Valley creator Concerned Ape shared a preview of the cookbook, which includes a sample recipe for Lucky Lunch. From the book’s description, fans already have confirmation of a few recipes that we’ll be able to recreate at home when the cookbook comes out. As exciting as that is, until we actually have it our hands, players will keep guessing which other favorite recipes from the game will be featured.

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Confirmed Recipes in the Stardew Valley Cookbook

We know from the book’s description that it will feature 50 recipes “straight out of the video game,” organized by season. On the official website, fans got a sneak preview of a few specific recipes that will feature.

Recipes that are particularly recognizable as belonging to the world of Stardew Valley include the Survival Burger and Roots Platter, which have both kept many a player alive in the mines. The super cute Pink Cake will also be a featured recipe in the book’s Summer section, and we’ll get to experience some of the stranger recipes like Seafoam Pudding and the mysterious Strange Bun.

Other recipes that we know we’ll see in the Stardew Valley cookbook include Complete Breakfast and Farmer’s Lunch, both filling recipes designed to give you plenty of energy in game. There will also be recipes for some more commonplace real-life dishes found in the game, including crab cakes and pumpkin soup.

In-Game Recipes That Need to be Featured

Gus Famous Omelet Stardew
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So far we only have a small taste of the food that will feature in the cookbook, which leaves plenty of room for speculation. With a total of 80 recipes in the game, it’s safe to say that not every dish from the game will make it into the cookbook. Still, there are a few iconic ones that should definitely make an appearance.

We love a plate with a catchy name, and Stardew Valley’s Dish o’ the Sea delivers. In-game this dish includes sardines and hashbrowns, which could make for an interesting combination.

After finding a few cave carrots while exploring the mines, you can mix them with sugar and milk in the game to create a Miner’s Treat. While we’re not sure what the real life equivalent of a cave carrot might be, we’d like to see a recipe for this one.

Maple Bars are a great way to regain health and energy in Stardew Valley, and they sound delicious for anyone with a sweet tooth. Created in the game by combining wheat, sugar, and maple syrup, a real life version would surely give you a boost of energy as well.

Stardew Valley’s Tropical Curry is served in a pineapple bowl, and that’s something we’ve got to see a how-to to recreate.

Gus is always requesting a whopping 24 eggs to make his Famous Omelet, and we need to know what makes it famous, aside from the impressive size.

No matter which recipes wind up in the actual book when its released, it will be exciting to be able to recreate food from the game in real life.

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