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Starfield A Legacy Forged: Blame Vae Victis or Reginald Orlase?

Starfield gives players a major choice at the end of the UC Vanguard questline. Do you blame Vae Victis or Reginald Orlase?

Your efforts serving the UC Vanguard have culminated in this moment. You stand before the Charter and are given the authority to condemn one of two parties for the recent Terrormorph attacks on Tau Cetii and New Atlantis. Do you reveal that Vae Victic was truly the one responsible, or do you heed his advice and let Orlase take the fall?

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This is a big moment in the UC Vanguard storyline, and your choice will drastically affect important characters. Both outcomes have their perks, and it’s up to you to determine which better suits your spacefarer’s desires.

What Happens If You Blame Vae Victis?

starfield vae victis guilty

SPOILER ALERT: If you are reading this, you likely already know that Vae Victic is alive and is responsible for the recent Terrormorph attacks on planets outside of Londinion. While he worked in tandem with Reginald Orlase to pull off the attacks, he had the player deal with Orlase to cover his tracks.

So, you may be tempted to expose Vae Victis to the charter when they ask for an answerable party. They’ll ask for evidence, which is when you’ll provide the recording you grabbed from the Londinion tunnels. And then they’ll act surprised that one of history’s most nefarious war criminals would do such a horrible thing.

Perks of Blaming Vae Victis

starfield vae victis dead

Vae Victis will be executed, or so we are led to believe, as he will no longer be in subsection seven if you go to visit. And with him gone, you are finally able to explore his pristine abode by using the access panel in front of the security door.

There isn’t much here save for a few bits of lore. There is a datapad that contains the name and info for a person Victis likely would have hired the player to assassinate, and another datapad that acts as a goodbye letter.

The letter reveals that Vae does have the best intentions for the UC, having truly dedicated his life to protecting the colonies at all costs. But that’s really all there is to this route. You can feel good about ridding the world of another narcissistic psychopath and chill out in his holding cell whenever you please.

What Happens If You Blame Reginald Orlase?

starfield orlase guilty

Of course, you don’t always have to do the right thing. And in this case, specifically, the wrong thing might just be the better option. Vae Victis reveals to you that he committed the crime to restore the Sanon name and catapult you to the highest ranks while also allowing the UC to see that Heatleeches are actually baby Terrormorphs. So, is he really all that bad?

Since Reginald Orlase is deceased at this point, he can’t defend himself in court, and the charter doesn’t give any pushback when the player places blame on Orlase. You actually don’t have to tell anyone about your involvement with Vae Victis, and his crimes are a secret you will have to take with you to your grave.

Perks of Blaming Reginald Orlase

starfield vae victis job

Sadly, you won’t be able to explore Vae’s confinement chamber, but you do get something more valuable: the opportunity to work for Vae Victis as a hitman. Before the charter meeting, Vae tells you he has a long list of names civilized society would be better without, and the two of you can work together to clean up the galaxy.

Of course, you don’t have to work for him, but not condemning him in front of the charter is the only way you can access these quests.

That’s all there is to know about choosing between Vae Victis and Reginald Orlase. There’s no difference in quest rewards. You’ll receive the same number of credits and XP regardless of which outcomes you pick.

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