Starfield A Legacy Forged: Breed Aceles or Disperse Microbes?

It’s up to you to decide how you deal with the Terrormorphs in Starfield. Do you choose microbes or their natural predator the Aceles.

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Terrormorphs have somehow found their way off Londinion and into the streets of New Atlantis. What started out as a routine rookie mission rapidly evolved into one of the most important missions in UC Vanguard history, and it’s up to you to stop a potential xenoweapon apocalypse.

To make matters even more daunting, a charter tasked with making decisions for the entire United Colonies has asked you to decide how the Terrormorphs will be dealt with. Will you disperse an aerosol agent to kill the Terrormorphs (and maybe some humans), or will you let nature do the killing via the Aceles (which will have to be genetically bred and distributed to every planet in the galaxy)?

Should you choose Aceles or Microbes in A Legacy Forged?

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Starfield does a fairly decent job of letting the player know their choices in A Legacy Forged won’t affect the galaxy immediately. In fact, Percival says it could take years for either the microbes or the Aceles to be developed properly. Outside of flavor text and headcanon, this decision doesn’t have the same impact as the choice between Orlase and Vae Victis, as far as we can tell.

That said, there is an immediate impact that players won’t see until they beat the game’s main story. We won’t spoil this, but it is essentially a bit more flavor text that you unlock if you complete faction questlines.

Choosing the Microbes dedicates all of TMD’s time and research to developing the Terrormorph pesticides while choosing Aceles devotes their time to researching how to breed and distribute the Terrormorph’s natural predator.

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Microbes are the quicker effort as it doesn’t require as much legwork to pull off, but there’s always the chance that a biochemical released into the atmosphere might backfire and create an even bigger disaster. Aceles is the safer route, but it will supposedly take much longer. Major Sanon claims it could take five years or more before the Terrormophs can be dealt with.

As for how this quest affects the game, it seems like players will get the same quests from Percival Walker regardless of their choice. You will speak with him at the Red Devil’s HQ on Mars, and he will task you with collecting samples from predators on other planets.