Starfield: All Kid Stuff Trait Rewards & How To Get Them

Discover all Kid Stuff Trait Rewards in Starfield and how to earn them. From a High School Backpack to a Wanderwall Ship, uncover the valuable items and their locations.

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One of Starfield’s primary appeals is that your character’s backstory is strong, and you get to experience the character’s life similar to real life. Not only do you dictate the characters’ lives moving forward, but you also get to interact with your parents, which gives you a glimpse of the past. While character creation, you’ll also get to pick the Kid Stuff trait, allowing you to meet your parents regularly. Furthermore, each time you visit your parents when invited, you will be able to earn a reward.

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Every Kid Stuff Trait Rewards in Starfield

There are five rewards you can get from Kid Stuff Trait in Starfield, which are listed below.

First Reward – High School Backpack Location

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The first time you visit your parent’s home, you’ll be able to take a High School Backpack with you. You’ll come across your old High School Backpack in your bedroom, which your mom has repaired. The item is handy, especially in the early stages of the game.

Second Reward – Sir Livingstone’s Pistol Location

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After your first visit, your parents will come to visit your abode. For selecting your Kid Trait during character creation, your father will give you Sir Livingstone’s Pistol, which is a classic Colt 1911.

Third Reward – Grandpa’s Meatloaf Recipe Location

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During your second requested visit with your parents, your father will talk about your grandfather and reveal he was a chef who ran a restaurant. Eventually, your father will share Grandpa’s Meatloaf Recipe, which you will be able to cook at any Cooking Station.

Fourth Reward – Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit & Space Helmet Location

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The third requested visit will lead to you and your mother talking about your grandmother. She will reveal that her grandmother was part of the UC, and while cleaning the grandmother’s room, your mom will come across Gran-Gran’s old spacesuit and space helmet. She will ask you to take the item as a reward.

Fifth Reward – Wanderwall Ship Location

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During the fourth requested visit, your parents will bring good news to you. Your father plays cards regularly, and during last night’s session, he won a Wanderwall Ship. Your parents will offer you to take the ship as they don’t travel and it’s up to you if you want it or not.