Starfield: Are There Unkillable NPCs?

There are some frustrating NPCs you can encounter in Starfield, and this guide explains if some are unkillable, or if everyone can die.

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There are hundreds of characters that you can find as you explore Starfield. Some are nicer than others, but then there are those that are far more aggressive, and you might want to consider taking them out, believing the Galaxy is better off without them.

However, not every character can be eliminated or killed in Starfield. This was the case in previous Bethesda games, notably Skyrim or the Fallout series, where there were unkillable characters. Are there unkillable NPCs that you can find in Starfield? Here is what you need to know.

Are There NPCs You Can’t Kill in Starfield?

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Yes, I can confirm that there are a good amount of NPCs that you won’t be able to kill or eliminate from your Starfield game directly. I tried this the hard way during the First Contact mission, where I felt it might be better to take out the executive board that was going to exploit the explorers of the ship in orbit, wanting them to work for a place to live. Rather than make a deal with them, I decided to open fire on the executives, and although I could make them fall, none of those NPCs would die.

Instead, for my troubles, I got the entire security force of Paradiso on me, and my Starfield companion wanted to talk to me. They did not appreciate watching my character take out an innocent life and wanted to discuss leaving, but I convinced them to stay with me before going back and reloading the entire save.

Unfortunately, it was a hard lesson to learn that several NPCs in Starfield cannot be killed, which means that no matter what you do, they cannot be removed from your game. However, there might be quests where you’re asked to take them out. The First Contact mission, for example, had the option where I could explode the ship above Paradiso and cause it to self-destruct, eliminating everyone on board. This is an option, and it did remove several characters from my Starfield game, but outside of this method, they will continue unless something tragic happens to them.

Overall, if there’s a character that provides you with a quest or is vital to a quest in Starfield, chances are they will stick around. It feels like they cannot be killed unless they become hostile to you, and you can take them down.