Starfield: Best Place To Sell Contraband – Wolf Den Wait Trick

Contraband is a tricky item to sell in Starfield, but there are a few places in the galaxy where you can sell it to make amazing profits.

Contraband is one of the best-selling classes of items that you can find while playing Starfield. Unfortunately, it’s contraband, and these are difficult to sell in several places because authorities will scan your ship before landing on a ship. If they scan your ship and discover contraband, they’ll arrest you, or you’ll have to pay a fine and confiscate the item from you.

However, there are a few ways around this, such as having Shielded Cargo Holds on your ship to trick their sensors. Although several locations you can visit will accept your contraband, I’ve found that The Den in the Wolf System is one of the best locations to sell contraband, thanks to a specific Wait trick that you can use in Starfield.

How to Do The Contraband Wolf Den Wait Trick in Starfield

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You need to make your way over to the Wolf system in Starfield. You should be able to find it close to the northeast of Alpha Centauri and the east of the Sol system. It’s in the starting area and labeled as a level five system. You shouldn’t be too worried about investigating it, and when you arrive, you’ll find a space station called The Den where you can dock your ship. This station is friendly to any UC allies.

From there, head on over to the Trade Authority vendor. You should find it to the left of the main entryway. Speak with the merchant at the station, Marcel, and he’ll accept any items you’re selling, including your contraband. You want to sell everything you can to him until he runs out of credits. When he runs out of credits, make your way to any of the nearby chairs and have your Starfield character Wait. This action is similar to other Wait commands in previous Bethesda games where you can have your character remain in that spot, and the world around them passes by for a set amount of time.

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You must wait for 48 hours, meaning you must do this command twice. It is a bit time-consuming, but it’s worth it. After you’ve finished waiting, return to Marcel, and all of his credits will return, and you can sell any leftover items you have for him on your Starfield character. You can do this as many times as you want, bring items you’re holding on your ship to your character, and sell them to Marcel.

The best part about this is that no ships in the Wolf system will scan your ship for contraband. They don’t care about that in Starfield, so you don’t have to worry about it, Marcel is willing to accept everything you find in the game, making it the best spot to sell contraband continually, and you can use this vendor trick everywhere.

Best Places To Sell Contraband in Starfield

If you’re in a pinch and would rather sell your contraband at other locations in Starfield, there are a few other locations you can check out. Some of my favorite places include The Red Mile on Porrima III, The Key with the Crimson Fleet on Kryx, and any vendor you can find on the civilized planets. However, make sure you have a ship with Shielded Cargo Holds to protect your contraband from being spotted by the authorities, or you can expect a fine to come your way, and you’ll lose your cargo.