Starfield: Can You Join The Crimson Fleet?

The Crimson Fleet are a large band of pirates that you can find in Starfield, and this guide covers what you need to know about joining them.

The Crimson Fleet is the largest band of pirates that you can find in the galaxy while playing Starfield. They’re one of the first adversaries you fight against in the game, and they’re hunting after Barrett, and the many treasures inside his ship, the Frontier. However, as you progress through the story and make your way through the galaxy, your character might be curious about joining them.

These pirates are not friendly to many people, and getting on their good side seems difficult when they’re hostile to nearly everyone they encounter. Here’s what you need to know about whether you can join the Crimson Fleet with your Starfield character.

Is It Possible to Join The Crimson Fleet in Starfield?

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Yes, I can confirm that the Crimson Fleet is one of the handful of factions you can join in Starfield. These factions will dictate how others see you as you progress through the game, and they will likely influence how your companions and others see you while playing. Because the Crimson Fleet is a massive fleet of pirates working together to rise up against the UC, and anyone else in their way, you can expect to earn more hostile encounters from nearly anyone going down this route.

Also, joining the Crimson Fleet is not an easy thing to do. Unlike the other factions in Starfield, they don’t invite just anyone to join them. You’ll have to go through a specific process and be heavily investigated to see if you’re worth joining the Crimson Fleet, and you might not know what you have to do to get your hands dirty.

How to Join The Crimson Fleet in Starfield

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The way you go about joining the Crimson Fleet is different from the other factions. Rather than talking with a Crimson Fleet Recruiter or directly working with them, you will need to commit some crimes first. This can be done by going up to a ship in Orbit and using Piracy on them, demanding all of their items, leaving, or getting caught smuggling items onto a planet in any of the UC Sectors.

After you’ve done this once, continue committing crimes and progress until a UC Ship reaches out to you and asks you to visit the UC Vigilance. From there, you’ll reach the UC Vigilance, and the crew there will set up a deal for you to help them by getting you to spy on the Crimson Fleet. You’ll need to follow this questline until you’ve proven yourself to the Crimson Fleet, and they invite you to their home system: Kryx. This is where you can find their space station, the Key.

Throughout this questline, you can make several choices and decisions working for the UC SysDef, with many options giving you the chance to make Crimson Fleet decisions. It’s the opportunity to pick between the two of them, and you’ll find that this is the best way to join the Crimson Fleet during your Starfield playthrough.